Introduction to Feng Shui part four

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Feng Shui Landscaping

  1. Get rid of dead plants inside and outside of your home.  These are a very bad omen.
  2. Add color to your landscaping with flowers
  3. Add a fountain to your yard or some other items to simulate water
  4. Remove cracks or fill them in your walkway to your home.
  5. Sweep and clean your entry as well as the front door.  This is very important to visitors arriving at your home.
  6. Paint the outside of your home when needed
  7. Fix sprinklers to cover the landscaping and fix those sprinklers hitting your home with water.


The Front Entrance


  1. The front doors are a very important part of your home.
  2.  It identifies importance
  3. Front doors should be clean and free of litter
  4. Uninviting front doors keep guest away
  5. Where the garage is in front of the door this makes the car more important than the people.  Paint the garage a light color that does not draw attention and enhance the front door to draw attention. 
  6. A plant on each side of the front door is a sign of success and will ensure money coming in to the home or business.   Check out the front of my business.
  7. The first room you enter sets the stage for the whole house.


Poison Arrows


•1.      Houses across from your home with pointed roofs which project poison arrows toward your home. An example would be Steeples, pitched roofs, gable roof line that come to a fine point.


The solution to protecting your property is by pointing with mirrors reflecting the arrows back to the neighbor.  Or buy small cannons which will protect your property.  A tree can be planted to block the view of the arrows which will accomplish the same thing. This solution is according to the book I read and the value is what you give it.  I cannot say it works, but it was written many years before I was born and it highly regarded in some circles.


There is much more to be studied about Feng Shui but this is an introduction that gives you a sample and maybe you will become curious like I did and study further.  It certainly is an interesting topic of discussio




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Andy Kress
Rental Solutions Oahu - Honolulu, HI

Very helpful hints. I appreciate the info- it does work.

Oct 28, 2010 09:41 AM
Ronald S. Accornero
OC Signature Properties - Villa Park, CA
Thank you
Oct 28, 2010 11:17 AM
Ronald S. Accornero
OC Signature Properties - Villa Park, CA
Thank you
Oct 28, 2010 11:17 AM