Fayetteville NC-Selling A Home..... Are You Preventing Your Home from Being Sold?

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You have made the decision to sell your Fayetteville, NC home and feel like you have done everything to make that happend. Weeks, months, and more months have passed and nothing, not even a peep of a showing. The local market is hot, so what could be wrong? Well, it is possible that you could be the culprilt in sabotaging your own goals and not realize it. Have you put enough effort and thought into these areas listed below. If not, the sad result could be you preventing your home from selling. Put the time and effort into these areas and avoid this from happening to you.

PRICE IT RIGHT: Pricing a home is sort of a Science. In its simplest form, the Market price is set by what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept. This transaction done many times over make up the market. Price it right from the very beginning and save yourself the time and money that it will cost you in doing otherwise. Remember a house priced correctly will sell.

MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION: Curb appeal is one of the number one factors that people look at when they begin to look for homes on the market. You only get one chance to make a first impression and the curb appeal is what buyers can see first and foremost. The sidewalks should be as clean as possible in front of your home, the driveway might need to be re-sealed or paved, and the paint on your home shouldn’t be incredibly chipped that it would cause the overall look to be sacrificed. The hedges and grass should be trimmed.

DECLUTTER, DE-PERSONALIZE and CLEAN: The vast majority of buyers cannot visualize what a home can be. They only see what is in front of them and if its cluttered, dirty and outdated that’s all they see. Also note that if they can see what it can become, the seller is going to be penalized in their mind for the work and cost it will take to get it into what they visualize it to be.

BE FLEXIBLE: Allow your Fayetteville home to be available for as many showings as possible. Sure, this sometimes can be a challenge (ex. you currently have tenants that require a 24-48 hour notice) but certainly not impossible. The key is try to be as flexible as possible . You should remember that each opportunity of a successful showing is also an opportunity of an offer leading to a successful sale. After all, that is the goal, a successful sale and as Quickly as possible.   

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