What is going on?

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This is the question everyone has on their minds. Basically the real estate market is correcting which is usually does every 10-20 years. It seems this correction took longer to get here. I think that in part was due to lower interest rates to keep the ecomomy booming thru 9/11 and all the other stock and Enron type episodes.

Now the mortgage industry is resetting. Unfortunately, it seems never to learn from its mistakes. The joke (truer than you know) was that if you could breathe under a mirror, you could qualify for a loan.  While it would be nice if that could happen, every one beinig a homeowner is rare in any market. Renters are a necessary part of the real estate markets.

All this will pass and it will be a better market but don't look for it to be like it was in 2004-2005. It seems these times last a little while and are gone.  That just means we work harder. So I you wants someone who knows the market, call me. Thanks, Pat

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