Dyches Boddiford Will Be Teaching How to Fund Your Deals with Owner Financing and Money Partners at Our Nov 1st Atlanta REIA Meeting

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Dyches BoddifordWe are very excited to have local real estate investing legend Dyches Boddiford will be speaking at our next Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting on Nov 1st on the topic of "Investor Financing Techniques Using Sellers & Money Partners". Many of you have been asking where you can get the money to fund your real estate deals in our troubled economy and credit market place. Now is your opportunity to learn first hand from one of the best... Atlanta's own Dyches Boddiford. We are waiving the cover charge for this event, so you can attend our November Atlanta REIA Meeting for FREE and bring your friends, family and business associates. Don't forget, we have just started our Charter Membership Drive and, as a founding member, you can earn commissions for any new members you refer us. So this is a great opportunity to come out and show them what the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance is all about.

In our evening session, Dyches will be talking about various investor financing techniques such as owner financing and money partners. At the same time, he will show those who have money to invest, an easier way to invest in real estate by having someone else does all the work. Partners can be very helpful in building your portfolio and making you excellent cash flow and long term profits if done properly. Come join us at our next Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting on November 1st at NO CHARGE and let Dyches teach you:

  • Creative Financing
  • Do you really need a Partner?
  • How to present a deal to a partner
  • What do you bring to the table?
  • Finding money Partners
  • Structuring the Joint Venture
  • Partner concerns and caveats
  • Securities concerns
  • Where a credit partner comes in

In case you are new to Atlanta real estate investing and don't know Dyches (pronounced Dykes), he is a full time investor who speaks from experience in a variety of real estate areas. Dyches has written books and teaches seminars on Financial Freedom, Asset Protection, The Corporate Fortress, The Nevada Corporation, Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships, Real Estate Investment Using Self-Directed IRAs, Advanced Strategies, Business Tax Strategies, Estate Planning with Asset Protection, Guerrilla Bankruptcy Tactics for Creditors, The Mobile Home Money Machine, Deals in Dirt, Discount Notes & Mortgages, Private Money Lending as well as other topics. His seminars and conferences are intended for the serious real estate investor, though entrepreneurs in other businesses or investments will find his material helpful as well. We are so excited to have Dyches come and share his expertise with us!

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