What year has your cities housing prices corrected back to?

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Great Scott, San Diego has returned to 2003! What year has your cities housing market returned to?

Below is an interesting chart presented at UCLA this week by John Burns, a housing consultant. According to his research, the biggest "bubble markets" have returned to 2000-2002 prices. Texas and the Pacific Northwest took longer to feel the impact, and they are currently at 2006 prices. So, which city has done the most time traveling? Apparently, Detroit has gone back to 1995!

How often have some of us wished we could go back in time and purchase a home at the beach 20 years ago when things were so much cheaper? This might be your only opportunity for time travel in real estate, so don't let it pass you up.

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Joe Yates
eXp Realty - Medford, OR

I have been feeling like 2003 is basically where we are at here in Southern Oregon. They say up here that "As California goes, so goes Oregon". 

We will be keeping an eye out and hopefully see you at 2004 prices before we know it. :-)

Oct 29, 2010 10:27 AM