Selling a home in Jacksonville.. Realistic home sellers make sure "The Price is Right"

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Selling a home in Jacksonville...  Realistic home sellers make sure "The Price is Right"

We recently took a listing in the Southside of Jacksonville. The home is in James Island community and there are several other listings on the same street as well as others in the neighborhood of 300 homes.  


Less than three years ago we helped these sellers purchase their home when they relocated to the area.   As we do whenever we take a new listing, we pulled a comparable marketing analysis (CMA) of other recent sales in the neighborhood to help our sellers determine an appropriate list price.  Needless to say, the amount we came up with certainly didn't make them feel good.  Fortunately, they understood the appraisal process and the fact that low interest rates and incredible home prices allow for buyers to have the "upper-hand."

They understood that just because they WANTED more and felt their home was worth more, the reality is a home is only going to be worth what an appraiser values it for.  We were also able to help them understand how when a home is initially listed price is critical as this when the home will get the most traffic.

Prior to putting the home on the MLS, we worked together to stage the home.  Our sellers cleaned the house like the Queen of England was coming and we moved furniture around to frame the right picture.

As a result of the list price and the condition of the home, we were able to generate quite a buzz and after 3 days on the market we had multiple contracts to review.  Not only was the contract price more than the asking, but we were also able to negotiate terms that will help the seller move into their new home with the necessary time they need. Meanwhile other homes in the James Island neighborhood continue to remain on the market getting stale. 


And, your Jacksonville "Realtors for Life" are enjoying the fresh perspective our clients took to sell their home!

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Good job educating your sellers about the 'real' real estate market in Jacksonville - you are so right about pricing it right to start with.

So .... did the Queen of England come look at the home?

Oct 30, 2010 04:32 PM