What's the greatest reward?

Real Estate Agent with need of complete rehab.

Spoke to DK today, one of our Associates.  He just closed his third and fourth transaction in the past five weeks.  Came to us from an other copmany.  DK had shared that since coming into our company he realizes that the "dog and pony" show sounds and looks great but, closing deals is far more valuable. OK so, Dk brought in approximately $42,000.00 in fees however, there is so much more. 

At one of DK's closing today the seller nearly broke down and cried.  DK handed the seller his proceeds check and seller stated that because of this check he will now have breathing room to get back on his feet.  Dk's reaction to me was; "I had never known how important my job is, how people truly need professional help and I am the person they entrusted."  This is the greatest reward.  The fee in needed yes, but the reward of helping is the greatest.

JB, another Associate, just closed his first deal, four months into his new career.  Was an investor deal.  Investor wanted to walk five times. JB held it together.  Investor thanked JB and is flipping the property next week at a nice profit and JB has another property lined up for investor.  JB having worked through this now, understands he has much to offer others and now wants to be more aggressive in helping more people.  The fee is needed but, the reward of helping is greater.

And I as a Broker Owner, being the first EXIT franchise in a 200+ mile radius of Cherry Hill, NJ, have enjoyed the same rewards.  I was told "no one would join a start up", "you will be out of business in three months" and so much more.  Having individuals coming to me, looking for help and giving it; is my reward.  Ten years later the greatest reward for me is helping associates succeed

These associates made in happen.  I just offer real life coaching, a personal touch and hard core business advice.  What's the greatest reward?  When our Associates continue to be successful, introduce others to our company and every one starts receiving residual income.  Residual income will make everyone's lives better and we will all receive the greatest rewards as we continue helping not only the public but others in our industry. For example; the associate who introduced DK will receive approximately 10% or $4,200.00 for just those four closing.  Could you help some one today with that?  That is my greatest reward of taking the chance I did ten years ago.  Offering Associates a better, more stabilized income, allowing them to help the public better.  Everyone wins.

What's your greateat reward?



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