I'm an inspector - why should I know & understand the 203k? Columbia

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 I'm an inspector - why should I know & understand the 203k? Columbia SC?

There are several good answers to that. Every home inspector has been accused of “killing the deal” at one time or another and it just isn’t true. The home inspector is hired to discover whatever they can to “inform the borrower” so they go into the transaction with their eyes wide open. In any case they never kill a deal, the deal just becomes a 203k loan.

I did an inspection for a 203k loan refinance and room addition in which I discovered some foundation issues and when I pointed them out to the borrower who had purchased the home about a year ago. He had a home inspection and when we looked at it found that the inspector had called the foundation “typical” and it clearly wasn’t “typical” it had failed. Did that inspector do a service to the client, absolutely not, but he didn’t kill the deal, did he? In fact when questioned admitted that he didn’t want to kill the deal. What did he think his job was? He failed at the home inspection process and failed in his service to this buyer.

Buyers depend on us to “find any problems” and “report on those issues” There is pressure put on home inspectors every day but they must do their job. We need to train them in the ways of the FHA 203k loan program so they can find those issues and offer solutions to those problems by telling you who to call. The home inspector is not typically allowed to provide a quote on the repairs and certainly not to make the repairs for a fee. What they do is “recommend” other services, or “suggest” other trades be called in to evaluate the cost and expense to make repairs. There is nothing wrong with this process but it doesn’t get what you want done accomplished.

What is the answer to this problem then? Why not educate the home inspector to be a “referral partner” that is what we do. The other alternative might be to train the home inspector to be an FHA 203k consultant. If that home inspector can also do the 203k compliance inspection they are also able to pick up a second fee on that project. HUD makes a clear distinction between a 203k compliance report and a home inspection and suggest every home buyer understand that they may need both and it is okay to order both. If you have a “home inspection” or you are about to order one and you have a 203k consultant that consultant MUST review the home inspection, pest report, and any other reports such as well reports, septic system report, and any engineering reports that might exist up to an including the day of the COE (close of escrow).

The HUD guideline for the FHA 203k loan program doesn’t “require” a pest control report however it does “require” a pest control clearance at the end of the project. Therefore all of the lenders I’m aware of have a “supplemental requirement” calling for a pest report going into the project if it is a “full 203k loan”.

What about a Streamlined k? Do we need a pest report? Not necessarily. If you don’t have one you don’t need to respond to the repairs. If you have one and it is a streamlined k, you now have to clear it. The streamlined k is for "non structural" related repairs. So as you go through a home on your inspection and you find minor repairs are needed but NO STRUCTURAL issues exist you can offer this home as a "Streamlined k potential". That that means is that the borrower or buyer can get a low interest loan to make the repairs after it closes escrow. This is true of either type 203k loans. the work is always completed after it closes escrow and the borrower's expense. The agents and Brokers all get paid and then the work begins and the 203k Consultant will stay with the project until it is complete.

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Rob & Jeannie Steward - Realtors®
RE/MAX Advantage - Nashville, TN
We Work TWICE As Hard For You! - Ashton Group

All good points Mike. We're coming up against more and more 203K loans.

Oct 30, 2010 04:40 AM
Teresa Cooper
Home Solution Real Estate Services - North Charleston, SC
SC Lowcountry - Charleston, Dorchester, Berkeley

Mike - interesting perspective.  I've been on both sides of the situation - representing the Buyer when the home inspection discovered some pretty "unsettling" information, and representing the Seller who had to fix certain issues.  I've NEVER had a home inspection kill a deal, but I have had them result in some significant price reductions.  Likewise, I recently sold a home, representing the Buyer, who wanted to use a home inspector who was not ASHI certified, and whom I had never used before.  Sure enough, within a week they were experiencing major electrical and plumbing problems, and we're still fighting with inspector and warranty company about who is responsible. 


You guys are worth your weight in GOLD!  Maintain your ethical standards, and continue to protect and educate Buyers and Sellers!

Oct 30, 2010 04:43 AM
Mike Young
203kOnLine.com, covering the USA - Las Vegas, NV
FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809

Rob & Jeannie, Thank you for the comment. FHA in general has gone from about 3% of the nations loans to nearly 40% of the loans nationally.


Teresa, You are absolutely correct. ASHI does a great job and in CA CREIA does a splendid job too. There are a good many associations that are reputable and we appreciate your comments and kind words.

Oct 30, 2010 10:33 AM

Great Post Mike

Jul 23, 2014 03:48 PM
Mike Young
203kOnLine.com, covering the USA - Las Vegas, NV
FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809

Tirso, good to hear from you my friend. We should get togehter. Are you plaaning to go to any of the meetups coming up next month?

Jul 24, 2014 04:24 AM