Open houses are showing great activity!

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It's now November and avg daily temps are falling below 50 degrees here in the Woodbury area of the Twin Cities. You would think that buyers are staying in bed and more interested in watching football all weekend right? Not so! I had 15 people through my open house on Sunday and there were several more who slowed down while driving past as I picked up my signs on Sunday. I had been down on opens, having limited successes in 2009 so I all but removed them from my 2010 business plan.  Welcome New Year,  I'm back on the open house wagon again and will go back to hosting at least 1 per weekend in 2011!

Almost every buyer says they visited because of a posting online so 2 hrs will be the maximum I ever spend in a house and the nearest 50 neighbors will get a flyer on the Friday before. Long gone are the days when you can just show up and expect to have somebody buy the thing but there are people out there who are in desperate need of a great Realtor and I intend to be their man!

Make it a great week,



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