101 Real Estate Blog Topics - Brought to you by Pocono Luxury Inc. (Custom Home Builder & Home Improvement)

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Here are 101 ideas: 1. A story about your neighborhood 2. Local business, and send them a copy. 3. Your pet 4. Go through your email, is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post? 5. Listen to your buyers, they give you blog food. 6. Listen to your sellers, they give you blog food 7. Conversations with other agents can be a source of great content 8. Architecture or housing styles in your area 9. Historic buildings 10. Market statistics for your area, including average prices and absorption rates 11. Read the blogs and look for ideas to build on or spin a new idea from.. 12. Take a picture write a post. 13. Home maintenance 14. Take a walk 15. Senior housing 16. Pet friendly housing 17. Staging ideas 18. local events 19. Your hobby 20. A closing 21. A lender who did a great job 22. Things that go wrong with real estate sales 23. Home owners insurance 24. Gardening and landscaping 25. Your city council 26. A new development 27. Lofts 28. Decorating ideas 29. Real estate industry news - with your own unique commentary 30. Mortgages news 31. Interest Rates 32. Credit scores 33. Consumer hoaxes and scams 34. First time home buyer programs 35. Working with seniors 36. Working with Baby Boomers 37. Second homes 38. Investment properties 39. Foreclosure 40. Property flipping 41. "Rehabbing" a home 42. Home energy conservation 43. Final walk through 44. Equity stripping scams 45. Agency 46. Real estate companies 47. Transportation & Parking 48. Schools 49. Churches 50. Day Care 51. Paint and painting 52. Pest control 53. Good neighbors 54. Bad neighbors 55. Over priced homes 56. The home buying process 57. The home selling process 58. Book review of a real estate related book. 59. Real Estate Laws 60. Real estate terms 61. Moving with children 62. Moving 63. Moving with pets 64. Places to eat 65. Places to shop 66. Commentary on local news stories 67. Commentary on local public policy 68. Tell a story about a client who was fun to work with 69. Write about what it is like to be a Realtor 70. When taking classes find something you learned that could be used as a post. 71. Write off topic humor 72. Environmental issues 73. Land lord or tenant issues 74. How to sell a house 75. How not to sell a house 76. Building trends 77. Parks 78. Art 79. Home safety 80. Review web sites on local or real estate related topics 81. Property taxes 82. Crime 83. Open houses 84. Trends in kitchen design 85. Area events for children 86. The local zoo 87. Where to play golf 88. Coffee shops 89. Women home buyers 90. The_TrickAdvice for FSBO's 91. Interview some one 92. Local real estate market trends and observations 93. Furniture 94. Investment scams 95. Mortgage fraud 96. Types of mortgages 97. Home owners associations 98. Attend a public meeting and write about it. 99. Week end getaways 100. Credit repair 101. Fair housing issues
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