Lagoon Valley homes now and then

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The Vacaville Lagoon Valley is one step closer to becoming a place more people will call home according to the latest news from a court hearing, there are few hurdles between making it reality. Currently home to a sod farm/nursery, the Ranchotel, a real lagoon, a dog park, Pena Adobe and a few rural residents enjoying the same quiet enjoyment as early Spanish settlers, Juan Vaca and Juan Pena so long ago when they rested there on their way from Napa to Sutter's Fort. Juan Felipe Pena built the first adobe home there in 1842 for his family on 44,000 fertile acres in the fertile Lagoon valley and what is now Vacaville. In May 2007, a Fandango was held to re-dedicate this repaired Pena Adobe back to the public. Chief Solano bust is also now permanently moved from Fairfield city hall to the adobe for all to admire.

If you are interested in the history of the Lagoon Valley, you may want to read more about it on the Vacaville Heritage Council website.  

Please check back soon for current photos of the Pena Adobe. -Barbara Adams

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Richard Lyon

Thank you for leaving this on your Blog. As a 3rd Great grandson of Felipe Pena, I have a very large interest in the Pena Adobe and its preservation. Its organizations like the Vacaville Heritage Council and the Pena Adobe Historical Society that makes this possible. Then its people like you taking the time to write articles on the Adobe and keeping the memoray alive.

Thank you

Richard Lyon

Sep 21, 2007 03:59 PM