You will not rent space in my head today!!

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With all the pessimistic viewpoints on television and in water cooler conversations you are almost predestined to feel like the sky is falling.  BE OPTIMISTIC!! Make yourself happy! Gas is HALF the price it used to be!! We are rebounding from the down stock market and real estate lulls. Considering the low prices and interest rates, could it not be a BETTER time to buy a home, investment property..or anything else for that matter?  It is how you LET things affect YOU that determines your happiness. I always say, "Don't let someone rent space in your head"...meaning, don't let the negative person or situations control you. what makes me happy? A few things that make me happy are to feel that I'm loved, respected, and admired by others (this goes along with doing something good for someone else), roller skating, to be checking out at a retail store and surprisingly get an additional discount, eating chocolate covered almonds, to have good service at a restaurant, to get outside on a cool day and play (by play I mean go for a walk, feed the ducks, literally smell the blooming flowers) name a few.

Studies show that happier people are more sociable, likable, healthy, and productive. Adding to mounting evidence that emotions affect the heart, a large study shows that happy adults with heart disease are 20% more likely than equally ill, dour patients to stay alive for 11 more years.

So smile at me when I walk by for goodness sakes! YOU are the key to your happiness. Be compassionate to others, smile at someone today that you don't even know.  Smile wholeheartedly at the grumpiest person you see. Make someone else's day brighter.  I also use the phrase, "Fake it til you make it honey!"   By this I mean if you don't feel like smiling then just start laughing, and laugh at yourself for sounding so silly! Just going through the emotions will brighten your mood.

Giving a little of your time and putting some effort into getting involved in your community will give you rewards. Our emotional existence is built on creating relationships with people. To do this, we must first get involved in the community so that we will get to know more people. This will then lead to, us experiencing a longer and better life (happiness).  

Whatever it is that makes you happy, make a promise to yourself that for at least just one day you will do at everyone that comes within 10 feet of you, give the homeless guy a ten dollar bill and a smile (and don't grumble under your breath).  Call your local Habitat for Humanity and donate just one Saturday to help build a home.  Try something new in your life! Go for a walk, call a friend you have lost touch with and agree to have lunch with them, skip around your home if you are physically able (make sure if you do this you laugh at yourself while skipping), call someone and tell them you are sorry, allow yourself to have that Chewy Chocolate Chunk cookie (from Great American Cookies..another favorite of mine as well).  These things will reduce your stress level and in the process your happiness and health will be improved.

Make today a new day, a new you, a HAPPY and optimistic you. If you happen to see me at the mall, smile at me!..that makes ME happy too!  What makes you the happiest? I'd like to know..please leave a comment and let me know...I might try it today!

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Joel Gwillim
CIR Realty - Condo Specialist - Calgary, AB
Associate - REALTOR®

Thanks for the upbeat article Sheila,  What comes around goes around (grinning from ear to ear)

Nov 02, 2010 03:34 AM
Jim Palmer
Chipola Realty - Chipley Office (850) 638-2777 - Sunny Hills, FL
Washington County, Florida

Welcome back Sheila!!!

Now send me some business!!

Nov 02, 2010 06:29 AM
Al Bundy

Hey, thanks for your help.. Will you marry me?

Dec 01, 2011 09:55 AM