8 ways to Stage your home like a Pro

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Eight tips on staging your home for a quick sale

Selling your home can be tricky; with picky buyers that have flighty thoughts, the smallest discrepancy can put a bad taste in their mouth.  Follow these easy steps to give you an edge on your competition.

ONE - Keep Surface areas clear and clean! 
Before a showing run your finger along areas that are in easy view of buyers and make sure to clean floors and tables. If you have an animal that sheds, get that Swiffer out and get rid of all those fur-balls.

TWO - Keep your sink and counters dish free!
 There is nothing worse than walking into a house with dishes piled high; the stench from the dishwater floating around the kitchen. Ugh!!  Be sure to clean and put away dishes before a showing.  If you're pressed for time, throw them in the oven.

THREE - Smell is key!
The human nose can detect 10000 scents, and not all of them are good. So, before you leave, use some room spray to make sure your house smells as good as it looks.  For open houses, bake cookies, or put an apple in the oven on low, and it will smell like apple pie.

4OUR - Clean your windows and mirrors. 
Remember that Windex commercial where the crows crash into the window because it doesn't look like it's there..... Make sure yours are like that too....  don't assume they are.  Same goes with mirrors.

5IVE - Rid the house of clutter! 
One thing we say to our clients is "pack like you've sold" move all the extra stuff into the garage or a storage unit.  You want to keep couches and tables, mirrors and wall art, to give the buyer a sense of where things go. The key is, if it's out and about, throw it out.

SIX - Play music!
Something you would hear in a coffee house would work perfect.  Remember, just because it's not your cup of Joe, doesn't mean it's not theirs.

SE7EN -  Front and Back doors clear!
Anything that takes away from the experience needs to be removed e.g. Dirt, toys, cob-webs. If you were selling your car you wouldn't have it dirty now would you?

EIGHT - Don't be there for showings! 
Buyers want to feel at ease and be able to say what they like or dislike about the house.  If you're there, chances are they will run through the house and not take everything in.  If it's a FSBO, you should step out of the house so the buyers can breathe a little easier.

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