The Citizens of America Spoke

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Thank God, since this country was founded on the belief that there is a God, our founding fathers gave us the opportunity to be heard on election day.

Today is a day of reckoning for our "puppet politicians" being told how to vote on passing bills and laws; by the likes of "The Bilderberger  Group" who's solo goal is to drive the American people into a third world country.  This depression was pre-meditated and executed perfectly.

How do you "enslave a nation" without iron chains and whips?  You but them into untold debt that the citizens can never work hard or long enough to pay back.  We work well over five months of the year to pay taxes levied on us.  You break the spirit of the human to aspire to do better with so much debt.  And when the spirit is broken, then the humans give up hope and depend on government officials to dictate what life they will live.  Jobs, housing, health care, cars, families, etc.  Communism / socialism at it's best.

I pray to God this is the start of the tide that will take back our country from the likes of the members of "The Bilderberger Group".  I am ready to fight for my right to live free and prosper.  For a small government.  To work and be rewarded, not to work and be taxed down to the level of those who chose not to work. 

I/we fought the good fight today and we won.  In NJ we throw out the incumbent and elected a new breed of politician.  I pray to God they will stay the course.  To start; don't raise the debt ceiling, allowing the government to borrow more money to make payroll.  This will cause them to cut spending, just as all of us had to.  What was forced on us, should be non them.  Go get back the trillions in stimulus monies that did not do a damn thing for the working guy and only took care of the ones who caused this depression.  Go get our money back from they but, don't raise the debt ceiling.

Congratulations America for not being the push over they thought we would be.

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Carol Letcher
Desert Properties Realty - Chandler, AZ

I hear ya! :)

Nov 02, 2010 04:24 PM