How I Became A Realtor! (Part 1)

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta


I always had an interest in real estate but in no way did I want to become a Realtor. My dad started buying houses in the mid 1980's in Atlanta and Decatur, GA. He had a Realtor who cared nothing about representing his client and sold my dad 3 houses that needed lots of work and then his Realtor vanished.

My dad would work 10 to 12 hours shifts then go renovate these houses. It took him months but he got his houses rented and sold. Dad was flipping houses long before the shows on cable T.V.

He did great for a man with little formal education and the albatross of Jim Crow South on his back as a chilld in Atlanta, GA.

 He encouraged me to get into real estate at a young age: but like so many other young boys I wanted to be the next Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or Reggie Jackson.

 Again like so many other young boys my dreams of playing professional sports ended after high school.

What do I do now? I made good grades and had no criminal record.

 What would I do? Well you have to wait for part two.

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