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Reflective of the slower sales pace, inventory levels continue to climb and represent almost 10 months of available supply, nearly double what is considered satisfactory.
- HSH Associates

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac found a 3.2% increase in home prices over the last year, but that was the slowest pace of increase in ten years.
- OFHEO, Regulator For Fannie & Freddie

It's evident that our market is slowing down, and in today's shaky mortgage climate, there's not much you can control. Not rates, not inflation, and not even changing programs. The ONLY aspect of the flow of business that you CAN control is, in fact, the MOST IMPORTANT: your marketing.

There are fundamental steps that successful loan officers walk year after year, that drive in new business. Regardless of industry tenure, it's important to ask yourself every 90-days are you taking the necessary steps to keep your pipeline full?

DFW Loan Officer

Jeff Schraeder

Imperial Mortgage

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