Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

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Just as autumn seems to come, winter is just right around the corner – or, if you live in Central New Jersey, you could have summer, fall and winter all in one week! As temperatures drop, you can take certain steps to keep your home safe and warm going into the winter months:

· Before rain and snow hit you should examine your roofing to ensure structural integrity and check for leaks and possible damage. Cleaning fall leaves out of gutters ensures proper drainage.

· Now is a great time to check windows, doors, and other openings for air leaks that can make rooms drafty. Caulk and other weatherproofing materials are relatively inexpensive and can help save on heating bills.

· Inspecting your fireplace and having it cleaned is a good idea ahead of the winter season. Make sure firewood is stored properly and protected from moisture.

· With all the doors and windows closed to keep heat out, check gas appliances to ensure no leaks are present. Consider installing a carbon monoxide detector, and check your smoke alarms.

· Check your heating system, replace your furnace filters, replace faulty thermostats, and clean the ducts of your heating system. Also, considering purchasing humidifiers as air can get dry in the winter.

We hope this tips make winter more comfortable and enjoyable for your family and keep your home warm, toasty and safe!

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