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GREEN ENERGY Invest in cogeneration; receive huge tax incentives

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Our Company

We are an investment company that provides the financial side of the green energy equation to manufacturing companies with

cost-free installation of cogeneration equipment, and our investors with tax benefits and cash flow.

 808 purchased 73M worth of cogeneration equipment for 9.8M

 Equipment is already placed in facilities and being brought on-line

 Company is 3 years old and debt free

 Revenues are pre-calculated based on previous energy consumption reports for facilities

 Long term energy contracts are in place with facilities

 Long term natural gas contracts in place with utility companies

 Primary partner owns cogeneration Maintenance Company

 IPO registration statement is being written and IPO goal is 2011

 Offering membership interest in our energy projects

Our Investor Benefits

 Monthly cash flow, tax benefits, and equity bonus

 Collateralized investment - hard assets - energy plant and cogeneration machinery

 Cash flow is pre-calculated with previous consumption data and 15 year power purchase contracts in place

 Tremendous tax incentives - 100% of investment can be depreciated over 2 year period - 82% the first year and

remainder for the second year. Below is a tax incentive sample only, not tax advice (please consult with your tax


Depreciation Schedule Return on Investment

o $100,000 Investment $100,000 Investment

o 50% Section 179 depreciation $18,000 Return at 18%

o 25% MACRS depreciation $28,700 Cash saving depreciation

o 7% Bonus depreciation $10,000 Tax credit

82% Total depreciation $56,700 Estimated 2011 cash on cash ROI

o $100,000 at 82% = $82,000

o 35% Tax rate = $28,700 (cash save)

Equity Stake

 For every dollar invested, certificates of ownership will be issued and during IPO they will convert to stocks at $1.25

per share

 Attorney has prepared SEC filing for IPO

 Competitor IPO results - Cogeneration Energy Company - ADGE (AMEX) symbol

o They opened at $1.50 per share

o Went up to $4.00, currently trades at $3.25- They more than doubled their share value at one point

o They generate 5MW of power - we are going to generate 13MW

o They had substantial debt on the books at opening - we have no debt

o Imagine the possibilities

Our Client Benefits -

Cogeneration facility owner

 Save approximately 20% on utility expenses

 No cost for install (current projects have machinery already in place)

 No cost for maintenance

 15 year contracts for reduced cost of utilities

 Qualify as a green company

 Close to zero carbon footprint once cogeneration is on-line

Contact: Andrea Rolf, 714-318-7323  (ecentury7@verizon.net) I will send you the complete presentation