Changes and New Beginnings

Home Stager with Blue Ribbon Staging
So many things are dancing across my mind.

The trees outside are beginning to turn into a vibrant display of colors. Changing from the familiar greens that have graced the neighborhood since last spring and into the fiery reds, and brilliant yellows, soft greens and golden browns that will flash for a moment and then make way for the crisp, barren branches of winter.

Seasons change, with or without the turning of a calendar page, the seasons change.

Life changes, with or without the fanfare of grandeur. In loud announcements and in quiet moments, life changes.

Soon the familiar makes way for the adventure of change.

Sometimes change comes when we aren't looking. Then there are those wonderful times, when our hearts are longing for a change, but don't quite know where to look. And then magically, the changes we have been longing for, meet us where we are.

I have had such a magical moment. In looking for the "something", I have found the "one" thing. The future now lies open before me with the promise of a new day, the excitement of a new adventure, the hope of tomorrow. I do not have words big enough to describe the anticipation that lies inside of me.

The opportunity to combine creativity with comfort, skill with design, and imagination with the ordinary...I am so looking forward to this new adventure in home staging that now lies ahead of me.

Oh what fun we will have!

Thank you, Barb Schwarz, for the opportunity to find my wings, first to fly and then to soar!

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