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For anyone who either knows me or has read my previous know I love living in Julington Creek Plantation (JCP). 

A sort of winter has finally begun here in northeast Florida albeit one that will probably last only about three days. Nevertheless, it is amazing to me how earlier in the week we were wearing shorts and flip flops and today the puffy vests and UGG boots are out!!  But, again, this is another thing I love about living in Julington Creek Plantation -- it seems as if every resident has the same few staples in their closest that are easy to be found when a quick change of weather occurs! 

Last week at the soccer fields, parents were complaining about the we were sitting at the fields with our blankets covering us enjoying the beautiful, cold 50 degree weather.  I know for many 50 degrees is warm...but, for this California kiddo anything below 65 is cold!!    

Regardless of the weather, the first Saturday of each month brings residents together at the local Doctors Village Farmers Market in Julington Creek Plantation.  Here, everything from fresh fruits & vegetables to home-made food and hand crafted specialties are sold.  But more than that, the farmers market becomes an impromptu place for friends and neighbors to socialize while supporting our local farmers.  Often you will find Julington Creek residents hanging out, eating lunch and enjoying the DJ's music.
Living in Julington Creek Plantation

The farmers market is also a great time to learn about JCP CARES -- a group of Julington Creek Plantation homeowners who are helping to make a difference. The mission of JCP CARES is "Uniting the Community through Helping Others in Need" since June of 2007 they have raised over $125,000 worth of charitable donations for charities within St. Johns County.  This group's success alone is reason enough to love living in Julington Creek Plantation!!

Today's farmers market was no different...perhaps with a few minor exceptions.  In addition to selling fresh lemonade, there was hot apple cider.  And, instead of selling cute t-shirts, vendors were out there with their handmade scarves and sweaters.  And, the last difference I noticed were fewer of us rode our bikes opting for the warmth of our cars.

While my fruit and vegetable purchase was not vast, my heart was vastly filled with happiness on this beautiful day living in Julington Creek Plantation

 Living in Julington Creek Plantation  - Erica J.

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