Winter Tips: Survive On Your Own

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Survive On Your Own

You may need to survive on your own after a winter power outage. This means having your own food, water, and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least three days.  Basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, and telephones may be cut off for days, or even a week or longer. Or, you may have to evacuate at a moment's notice and take essentials with you. You probably will not have the opportunity to shop or search for the supplies you need. And that is why you should have a Disaster Supplies Kit, and not only one, but many in different locations.


Your disaster supplies kit should contain essential food, WATER, and supplies for at least three days.  Keep this kit in a desig­nated place and have it ready in case you have to leave your home quickly. Make sure ALL family members know where the kit is kept.  You may want to consider having supplies for survival for up to two weeks. Also helps to have an extra set of car keys, credit card, and small denominations in U.S currency or traveler's checks, family documents might also come in handy.


This kit should be in one container, and ready to "grab and go" in case you are evacuated from your home or workplace.  Make sure you have food and water in the kit. Also, be sure to have warm clothing incase you are subjected prolonged exposure to the harsh winter elements.


In case you are strand­ed, keep a kit of emer­gency supplies in your car.  This kit should contain food, water, first aid supplies, flares, jumper cables, and seasonal ( GLOVES, hat, and a shovel)  supplies.

For more information on how to make a disaster kit please click HERE.

Disaster Supplies Kit Maintenance!

Just as important as putting your supplies together is maintaining them so they are useful and safe to consume when needed. Here are some tips to keep your supplies ready and in good condition:

  • Keep canned foods in a dry place where the temperature is cool.
  • Store boxed food in tightly closed plastic or metal containers to protect from pests and to extend its shelf life.
  • Throw out any canned good that becomes swollen, dented, or corroded.
  • Use foods before they go bad, and replace them with fresh supplies.
  • Place new items at the back of the storage area and older ones in the front.
  • Change stored food and water supplies every six months. Be sure to write the date you store it on all containers.
  • Re-think your needs every year and update your kit as your family needs change.
  • Keep items in airtight plastic bags and put your entire disaster supplies kit in one or two easy-to-carry containers, such as an unused trashcan, camping backpack, or duffel bag.


Some Special Winter Items around the House:

We all love our little heaters but when the electricity goes, so go our little warm friend. So things that will keep you warm you should have plenty of: firewood, matches, blankets. Flash lights and plenty of fresh working batteries also come in handy when the electricity goes. Remember canned foods plus no electricity food equals a manual can opener. The days of ice scraping, and snow blowing looms and but like every winter past we shall persevere.

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Stephanie Stringer
First Choice Loan Services NMLS#210764 - San Antonio, TX
Mortgage Loan Originator

JoAnn-  It's always good to have these reminders so we can be prepared.   In Texas not much prep for winters besides bring in the plants, and covering the faucets if the weather gets to freezing now spring totally different story with the tornadoes.   Thanks for the information.

Nov 07, 2010 05:19 AM
Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

Terrific list, and reminder to "be prepared".    We never know when we will need this kind of a "life preserver".

Nov 07, 2010 05:48 AM