Old Fashioned Bathtubs Making a Comeback

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Old Fashioned Bathtubs Making a Comeback -Wholesale Real Estate Investing: Remember the old claw foot tubs? They are making a big comeback in the remodeling of older, vintage, and even new homes that need some added charm. If you are remodeling an older home for resale and need to replace the tub, a reproduction slipper tub or claw foot tub might be the answer.

You can get oOld Fashiond Bathtubs Making A Comebackne by searching the flea markets and antique malls, watching newspaper classified ads, or by getting a brand new one that’s a reproduction of the originals. In almost every big box home improvement store these days you can find reproductions of the slipper tubs and the claw foot tubs.

They make them in the original cast iron with porcelain coating just as they did way back when. They are also available in a lightweight acrylic or fiberglass. They look the same, but without the expense.

When you choose one, you’ll need to consider a few factors before making a decision. If you buy a new one you must consider cost. Acrylic and fiberglass models are much less expensive and are lighter in weight, which means you’ll need less help in getting the tub into its position. A cast iron version is more expensive and will require assistance as they are incredibly heavy.Think about how long you want the tub to last. An acrylic tub is less durable and can sometimes need replacement in anywhere from five to fifteen years depending on your usage.

If the tub is going to a place that’s relatively easy to access, that shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll have the plumbing already set and the tub will be easy enough to carry in and set in place.If the area you wish to place the tub in is difficult to access, you won’t want to have to change out the tub every decade. A cast iron version will last much longer and may be a better choice in that case. Once you put it in, it will give you service for several decades.

The shower is necessary in today’s active lifestyles, so you’ll also want to consider a stand that attaches to the tub and holds up a shower curtain. The curtain surrounds the tub and will allow you to shower, but will keep the water in the tub where it belongs. They can be purchased in different metal colors like brass, copper, burnished, brushed aluminum, etc and can be coordinated with the fixtures.

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Cece Blase
Paragon Real Estate Group - San Francisco, CA

Hi Peter: Claw foot tubs have never gone out of style in SF given our penchant for decor in keeping with our period architecture. The photo of the one on your post is yummy and (I think) brand new. Around here, the poor man's version can be found in salvage yards, which often have the old cast iron ones.

Nov 07, 2010 07:21 AM