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     I often wonder if the mortgage industry is really a career worth continuing. Over the years, I have experienced tremendous success in the mortgage industry, not only with my income, but with my social skills, ability to overcome problems and do it successfully. I often wonder if I would be the very able bodied person I have become over the last six years if I hadn't answered that small little classified ad in the Richmond Times Dispatch that read " make a hundred thousand dollars a year or more ". I think that is the most infamous ad that can be read. The exception in this case is that it was actually true. As hard as it is to believe, this industry has helped shape my integrity, honesty and work ethic. I firmly believe that even through the rough spots, I would of not succeeded if I did not have a clear understanding that my goal was not only to make money in this field but to help as many people as I could get themselves into a more stable financial position while exerting the morals and values that they had ultimately entrusted me with.

     You see, the goal of a mortgage professional is to help, not hurt, in order to do this and do it effectively, you must have the clear understanding that you, the mortgage guy or gal must work with the borrower as if it were you in their shoes. Their safety and well being depend on you making a solid and helpful decision on what they need to do. Wow, that is a strong statement isn't it. You are the one they have entrusted to make sure that they are financially secure and you must not abuse that power that you have. The day has come were the crooks and the crazies must leave this field and venture somewhere else, where -ever that may be. If you are a good mortgage professional than you need to learn your trade and tough it out long enough for the bad loan officers and brokers to get out of the business, trust me, the bad ones will fall, just like Hitler did in World War 2.

     I have put the six years of experience that I have into a 175 page book called Mortgage -Ocracy. This book will insure that you gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed and become the responsible loan officer that you must be in order to effectively do your job and do it well, if this book does not help you I will refund 100% of your investment of $34.95 + $4.00 s/h. Please send your payment and return name and address to Bart Smith, 205 South Boulevard box #5, Richmond, Virginia 23220

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Adam Brett
The Adam and Eric Group - Fullerton, CA
The Adam and Eric Group, Fullerton's Finest
The hardest and smartest workers will prevail.  Just lower your expectations and work twice as hard.  Most lenders I know who have been through slow downs just downsize and wait for the next upturn.
Sep 06, 2007 04:28 AM
Bart Smith
First Capital Mortgage - Richmond, VA
You have hit the nail on the head, however, most of the bad ones are two impatient to wait to screw some poor unsuspecting borrower off.
Sep 06, 2007 05:04 AM