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How A Listing Appointment Can Cost You Hundreds of Dollars - BEDBUGS!!!!

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I could not believe it. Recently upon reviewing my messages, I had received a voice mail from an out-of-state owner who had recently relocated in a hurry due to a job transfer. He wanted to list his home with an assessed value of almost $1,000,000 which he had vacated and after scheduling an appt. to view the home and list it, I was met at the property and gained entrance by a relative. The house was very well-maintained and clean throughout. I agreed to list it and sat down on the couch and sat my purse down to complete the listing agreement. Although the house was fully furnished with several couches and chairs, the 3 family members, including the family member who had power of attorney to sell the home, stood up the whole time which struck me as odd, but I paid no attention. After getting into my vehicle and driving for about 1 minute, I began itching on my lower extremities as if being bitten by bugs. I assumed it to be fleas as the home had had several pets. The itching continued to get worse and after 2 weeks I was informed by a pest control representative that I had thousands of bed bugs in my car, home and some were even in my purse. Having remembered where the itching began, I informed the Seller who stated, "yes, I meant to mention that I had a problem with bedbugs in the home". Long story short, I had to cancel the listing when the Seller refused to either remove the infested furniture and/or have the house exterminated. It also cost me hundreds of dollars to exterminate my car, house and office, not to mention the doctor bill to treat the nasty bites all over my body. Bedbugs are something I would definitely disclose to a buyer, if known, and especially when a home is being sold furnished. I would not want the liability of a buyer saying bedbugs were not disclosed and suing for the cost of pest treatment, medicals bills, etc.

P.S. I got a call from the current listing agent who asked why I had cancelled the listing. I asked her if she had any problems with bedbugs lately and she stated as a matter of fact her family including her husband, herself and 3 children were all covered with bedbug bites and that her whole house had somehow been infested with bedbugs and they were on their 3rd extermination treatment!!!! This agent had held several open houses at this property.

Nor Yeretsian
Envoy Capitol Realty Inc. - Toronto, ON
Envoy Capitol Realty Inc., Brokerage Toronto

Thanks for sharing this Carol and raising this important issue.


Nor Yeretsian

Nov 09, 2010 10:38 PM
Pat Fenn
Marketing Specialist for CJ Realty Group/Cindy Jones Broker - Springfield, VA

WOW that's quite a story.  I'd be calling the local health department to have them inspect and or force the owner to exterminate.  Continuing to open the home to the public when there is a known issue is plain wrong.

Nov 09, 2010 10:45 PM