Glimpse Into a San Francisco Neighborhood: The Bayview District

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A large neighborhood in the South-eastern part of San Francisco, the Bayview has seen much revitalization over the past 10 years, is diverse, and a neighborhood to watch.

The Bayview district used to be gritty and only a decade or two ago few who thought themselves savvy and had money either wanted to live there or invest there.

All that has changed over the past decade: the neighborhood is becoming safer and more desirable neighborhood. It’s population, while still pre-dominantly Black is increasingly Asian and Caucasian, and certain streets and pockets in the Bayview are quite sought after now.

Consider the Quesada Street Corridor, for example.


Davon Frasca, owner of the Dreams Happen Intl. Business as well as his home in the San Francisco Bayview District, is active on his street and in the neighborhood. He proudly takes part in the award-winning community project Quesada Gardens Initiative for Bayview Hunter’s Point. Check out their website for inspiration or better yet, become a part of the initiative.

Mr. Frasca shares his home with two housemates, two dogs and a cat. They often enjoy the Quesada Gardens to one side and his lush, well-maintained own garden. Most recently, however Mr. Frasca is excited about having received – at no cost to him – solar panels for his home.

Solar panels in the Bayview?

Factor in Grid Alternatives, an Oakland-based non-profit organization that doubles as a licensed solar installer and whose mission it is to stimulate economic and environmental sustainability, ‘particularly in California’s low-income communities that have been hit hardest by unemployment, recession, and pollution.’

The company offers energy efficient and solar panel programs to low-income homeowners throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area, works with local partners such as the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation and Habitat for Humanity among many others, and draws on volunteer labor.

For Mr. Frasca all that meant free solar panels for his home after he went through Grid Alternatives’ qualification and application process. Check for qualification requirements on their website.

 18 people came to install the solar panels on the appointed day.

 He has noticed that his electric meter is in reverse even with the regular use of major appliances, and is very excited about the potential energy savings the panels will provide. His first bill has yet to arrive and the savings obviously depends on whether the sun is shining or not as to how much power the panels generate.

 ‘I’ve wanted solar panels before I ever closed on this house but it was cost-prohibitive, even with a rebate program it required some $17,000 up front that I didn’t have. Mr. Frasca has owned his home for 12 years. In this case, I paid $0. I can’t stop talking about this program and have already told a number of Bayview homeowners about it. In fact, one of my neighbors is in the process of getting his done.’

 The only complaint that Mr. Frasca has is that the actual solar panels are ‘Made in China.’ He would have preferred them to be manufactured in the US.

 That notwithstanding he believes that ‘this program brings us together as a community and all in all, going solar is the way of the future.’ With a beam on his face, he is aware that he is on the forefront of employing carbon alternatives and reducing his carbon footprint. He dreams that wind power is next…


Photo courtesy of the SFMLS


From solar power to real estate, the Bayview even has a castle on the market, the Albion Castle, a historic landmark since 1974. It is located at 881 Innes Drive in the Bayview district. Built in 1870 once housed the Albion Ale and Porter Brewery as well as The Mountain Spring and Water Co. The property has underground springs that produce 10,000 gallons of water per day (per the listing agent).


The current owner restored the property: it has a 4 bedroom/ 2 baths home with panoramic bay and bridge views plus the caves. Note that the home is not a historical landmark – only the caverns and the land are. Water rights and rights to the name Albion Castle Brewery come with the property.

The Albion Castle has been on the market over 400 days and was originally listed for $2,950,000. It is now on the market for $1,799,000.

Anyone want to establish a brewery along with a B&B perhaps in the Bayview? This is your opportunity.




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