New Agent Kevin- The Silent NO

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New Agent Kevin- The Silent NO

The Silent NO

Well, it finally happened.  My first first office duty produces my first lead.  Was it a lead from a friend? No. Was it phone call? No. Was lead from my wife? No.  It was from one of the 15 search engines that drive McCaffrey listings.  It was from Tulia.  A search engine lists the property/email address/phone.  It was person sending a note from his work email about a home in Danbury for $190,000 that needed major construction work. My sales strategy would be to send him specific housing information along with calls every three days for two weeks. The cycle would be Day 1 Call, Day 2 Email, Day 3 Wait- Repeat.

I called back the person after I had talked with Realtor with the listing.  I spoke with him and gave him the full information and he confirmed he wanted a fixer upper and said he would call me the next day to see the home. On Monday morning, I had no call or email about the house. At this point, I started my system by calling him and leaving a message.

On Tuesday, the next day, I sent him additional information on fixer upper homes.  At the end of day still no word. On Wednesday, I had no message from him either email or phone call.  Next day I called. No call back.

I continued my cycle of phone call one day then next email information and then third day no contact. I kept this cycle up for next 9 days. It got frustrating to me on the ninth day without any response. I can accept rejection but no acknowledgement period is the pits.  I accepted this process as a chess game for the final six days which took me to end of my 15 day social media plan. I finally accepted this as a NO and cheered  myself on and waited for my next internet lead.

It only took three hours. The search engine, Zillow sent a name with email address and phone number. It was a person looking for a $200,000 house in Danbury, Connecticut. I decided to adjusted my response plan to this lead. My new approach was straight 20 days of contact either by email or phone calls.  I immediately sent an email with complete information on the house and indicated that I would call later to confirm he had received it.  The follow-up call was made four hours later and to my surprise the number was wrong.    I called Zillow and could not get any help on the number.  I sent an email confirming that I needed his telephone number and was available to show the home the next day.  The next morning, Saturday, I sent more information on other homes in the area from $225,000 and under. At the end of Sunday, I sent an email back with some information on the latest sales of homes in this price range. Now, I took this NO response as a challenge to get him to want to working with Best Realtor, me. The following 17 days I sent sales data each day by town, information on tax rates, info on local colleges, financing rates for first home buyers(guessing on this), sent hot sheet homes new to market, Connecticut Lotto winning numbers, latest foreclosures and information on recreation areas. At the end on day twenty, I accepted getting a NO and actually laughing as I sent a nice note back to him thanking him for giving me chance to work with him. I had finally figured out what was going on in the sales process. This was nothing personal. I am just learning now how many silent No's I need to get to make a sale from the search engines. Wow, my day finally ended with a smile on my face and desire to work with another search  engine lead

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Joan Valverde
HomeSmart - Colorado Springs, CO
GRI,CDPE,CNE,MRP,SRES Colo Sprgs, Blk Forest, Monu

Linda,  good for you for being so persistent.  You have done a very good job following up with this "client" even though they were being silent. But you stuck with your plan, good for you!!!! Go get em again, I wish you the best!!

Nov 10, 2010 02:26 PM
David Frank
Cressy & Everett Real Estate - Saint Joseph, MI
REALTOR - Cressy & Everett Real Estate, Text Me 574-993-1120

All that effort for someone who isn't your client? Keep that up and you'll be out of business before you ever get started. Being helpful is one thing but I wouldn't waste my time chasing ghosts.

Nov 10, 2010 02:30 PM