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Sharpen the saw AND meet a new client...nice start to a day!

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One of the good things about being a realtor is that you do at least much of the time get to make your own schedule.  This means we have the time to "sharpen the saw" if we manage our time well.  Part of that for me is spending time outside exercising.  I have so much more energy, focus and am so much happier when I get to.

In July, I began training to walk a marathon and was doing well with that until about 3 weeks ago, when my husband's return from being gone for 2 months coupled with the shorter daylight hours, cold, wet weather and me being sick put a crimp in the whole thing...sure I got to actually go walking, but only maybe 3 times a week and I have not done a long walk on the weekend since then.  So this week on Monday it really took alot to get me out the door, I considered not even walking my usual 3.6 miles at all that morning since I had been so stuffed up and sneezing so much that I had not slept until after 2am and because of that had awakened late.  After all, I should be working, or I should be catching up in the house.

However, I also know that I don't stay very happy or balanced and I tend to get sick more easily if I don't walk AND I get stressed out more easily too and that does not make for me being my best as a Wife, Mom or Realtor....so I decided to walk.  Plus the lake views were calling me....View of Wapato Lake


Building and flowers @ WapatoOakes in Wapato

Wapato Lake Tacoma WA


So, I left ( really late) for the park.  As I started walking ( I live 1.3 miles away) at first I almost wanted toturn around, there was so much to do @ home and I was feeling so so stressed and questioning taking this time for myself.   But I did not, as I walked, I felt better.  Once I got to the park I was on track enough to start praying....however, half way around my kids called and they were fighting with eachother and again I questioned if I should have gone.  How ever I talked to them and then started praying again and by the time I was all the way around the lake I was centered again and feeling thankful and glad that I had come.  I also felt really ready to tackle the week and I was ready to get to work.....so

Just a block  or so out of the park and headed home,  I approached a listed home I had walked by many times, but this time there was a gentleman in a car parked out in front of it.  Now I could have just kept walking, but I was too curious.  So I walked right up and asked "Are you a Realtor, or are you looking for a home for yourself?"  he said " I am looking for a ahome for myself"  so I said, "Do you have a Realtor?"  and he said, "well no, just started shopping"  and so I said, "I am a Realtor and I can show you this house later today."  At this point he said that would be great and asked for my card.  Well, I go out walking in sweats, not having taken a shower, I have no pockets and I am wearing a baby, so I did not have a card ( maybe I should though huh?) any way instead we exchanged numbers and I spoke with him later that day.  We are meeting on Friday to look at several homes. 

So, then I started thinking.  How many other times have I met a client when I made the decision to do the "First things First?"....I mean like instead of working lots of crazy hours taking care of myself or my family or my spiritual life?  And the more I thought about it, the more I was amazed.....

EVERY repeat client I have ever had ( and this is a large part of my clients) I met either as a direct or indirect result of doing something that was puttting "First things First" not direct prospecting.  Now mind you, I talked to people while I was busy doing "First things First" but it was just part of being there and seeing an opportunity.  I met one of my first clients because I decided I would walk each day with my 2 little children ( not so small now) and let them help me to give out my card to all the neighbors in our neighborhood.  She referred me to many clients and one of them became an ongoing client who also has referred me many times.  I met another client on a day that I took off to stay home with a sick child, while I was out taking the garbage out in front of my house....I continue to work with him as well, in fact today I wrote one offer for him and got another signed around for him.  A developer I am now working with and will be listing 52 new consturction homes with I met indirectly because I came early to pick up one of my children from school.  I met several other clients because of volunteering when my kids went to that same school.  I met more clients when I went to my congregation meetings ( no I did not promote myself there, but people find out what you do)  The list could go on and on, but waht I began to realize is that most of my business is not the direct result of lots of prospecting.  Most of my business is just the result of keeping my priorities straight and talking to people I meet when I am out doing that....and nothing more.....wow.  Now not saying prospecting is not important, but....maybe for some or even all of us it is even more important to keep "the saw sharp", do the most important things and keep our eyes peeled for people we can help while we are out doing it.....

So my question to you....what things are important ( I did not say urgent) that you need to do with and for your life and will you "just do it" and then keep a look out for who you can help while you do....

I would love to hear from all of you about if this type of thing happens to you as well.


--Anna Matsunaga, Team Momentum, Keller Williams Tacoma 253 353 2662  www.teammomentumrealestate.com





Phil Leng
Retired - Kirkland, WA
Phil Leng - Retired

Hi Anna,

What a great post.

Very personal.

Very interesting.

With a good moral as well.



Nov 10, 2010 05:24 PM