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Kutztown Homes | Beautiful Marshlands Just Minutes from Kutztown Homes

Kutztown Homes: are you wondering what the Kutztown Homesarea is like?

Kutztown is a small borough that is located between Reading and Allentown Pennsylvania. Kutztown homes provide a wide variety of housing option for many families that are looking to branch out into home buying.Many of the Kutztown homes are located near great schools, local restaurants and a beautiful marsh lands which is known for containing wonderful blue herons. Kutztown is also the location of Kutztown University, a higher learning institute, known for their Teaching degree programs, as well as Television Communications programs. Kutztown provides great small community living being surrounded by Amish farms and wide open spaces with a wide choice of Kutztown homes available to all budgets and tastes.

Kutztown homes features and styles range widely depending upon the type of house that one wants to live in. Kutztown homes range from small, minimalist style cottage homes that offer great convenient single floor living, which are historically tied to the local mennonite comminities beliefs in simple living. More recent additions of large spacious townhomes and condos that are in the center of Kutztown which are tied to the growth of the Kutztown University. Single family Kutztown homes can range from cozy cape or ranch style homes with considerable lawn space to giant multi-bedroom Berks county luxury homes with huge, luscious lawn space and outdoor entertainment areas.

Kutztown Homes | Local Kutztown Real Estate Prices

Kutztown real estate
and listing prices have stayed fairly consistent over the past year, which is a very good sign, considering that Berks County overall has seen a significant decrease in prices in the last two years. There has only been a slight increase or decrease in the listing prices of Kutztown homes but the asking price has stayed around $285,135 for the average single family home in the Kutztown community. Listing prices of Kutztown homes can range from as low as $84,000 for a small mobile home or bungalow, $150,000 for a comfy townhouse or condo up to $500,000+ for a large custom Colonial style single family home that has a huge yard and is located on a private cul-du-sac with other custom homes located in proximity, all of which have sufficient space and yard for all your families needs.

Kutztown Homes | The Local School District

Kutztown Homes for Sale
The public school district of choice for students living in Kutztown homes and neighborhoods is the Kutztown Area School District. There are two elementary schools that house grades K through 5, Kutztown Elementary School and Maxatawny Elementary School. Students in grades 6 through 8 attend classes at Kutztown Area Junior High and students in high school will attend classes over at Kutztown Area High School. There are a couple of private schools directly in Kutztown that hold classes for students in grades K through 12, most of which are affiliated with the local Mennonite community. These include: Hidden Valley Mennonite School, Pleasant Hills Mennonite School and the Sunny Meadow Parochial School

Kutztown Homes | Local Kutztown Restaurants

Kutztown Homes
Kutztown homes
are just a short walk or drive away from many great Italian restaurants. While there are other choices for restaurants local Kutztown Italian restaurants are what make up the majority of the area’s dining options. Some great local Italian eateries that specialize in pizzas, pastas and other great Italian foods include Valentino’s, Mamma Delight Pizza, Camilos Italian Restaurant, and Demarco’s Italian Restaurant. Other local Kutztown restaurants include a Chinese cuisine restaurant known as the Great Wall and a small diner that serves traditional American food called Airport Diner. All these restaurant choices, which cater primarily to the University students and their visiting families are right next door to any of the Kutztown homes. For more adventurous dining choices, I suggest you travel a short distance to Reading or Allentown. In either case you will find a plethora of unique restaurants of all ethnicity, as well as the standard corporate restaurant chain offerings.

Kutztown Homes | Beautiful Creekside Park and Trails

Kutztown homes
and neighborhoods are situated closely to a very beautiful and large nature preserve known as Sacony Creek Trail and Marsh. This marsh and park has over 20.5 acres of marsh land and trails that are open to the public. In an effort to maintain the area around the marsh an observatory deck was built to allow visitors to see the wonderful outdoor life. By walking through the designated trail in the area visitors have the opportunity to see beautiful blue herons, insects, birds, plant life and other animals that are not usually seen outside of the marsh area. This wonderful trail and creek park is just minutes from any of the available Kutztown homes.

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