Refinance Your New York Loan and Enjoy A Little Breathing Room This Holiday Season

Mortgage and Lending with Quicken Loans

With the holidays approaching, chances are many homeowners will find themselves wishing they had some wiggle room with their monthly bills.  One payment where they can likely find some relief is with their home loan.  While no one can predict how long mortgage rates are going to last, most people would agree that rates are at low levels making now an important time to consider refinancing into a lower mortgage payment.  

Reduce Your Monthly Payment With a Mortgage that Makes Sense

Many New York residents carry a mortgage with an unnecessarily high interest rate and are missing the opportunity to use that extra cash for other expenses.   The end of the year can be packed with holiday purchases and an increase in utility costs, starting your new year off with a new load of debt.  By refinancing now when rates are low, you can begin managing your spending and saving and start 2011 off with a little extra breathing room.

Work with a New York Loan Professional

Evaluate your financial goals and see if a New York loan is the right choice for you.  As a Quicken Loans mortgage professional licensed in New York, I have helped many clients refinance into a lower mortgage payment and save thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.  Research your refinance options, and if you're ready to move forward, get in touch with me at Quicken Loans today!

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