Home Staging is not unlike Retail Merchandising

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The Brick...one of Canada's Largest Furnishing Retailers, right?

How does The Brick suck the buyer in to purchasing more than what they were planning to purchase?


Go to The Brick, and walk around their store, even just for a few minutes. Take note of how their furniture pieces, accessories, and electronics are displayed, or "merchandised".

Not only are individual items more attractive as part of a grouping, the vignettes give the buyer a greater sense of scale and stimulate realistic visualization within their minds.

These vignettes are set up and styled by professional "merchandisers", and their goal is to create visual settings that are warm, welcoming, and inviting to all consumers.

How do you feel when you walk past these vignettes? I know exactly how you feel, because I see you hesitate, back up a few paces, and flop your body down onto one of the plush couches with a relaxed expression on your face. 

The Brick has achieved their goal when you feel compelled to sit down on a couch, or sit/lay on a bed. They want you to feel in the moment and be comfortable as if you already own the furnishings.  The Brick - Cindy Crawford Collection

Retail Merchandising is not at all unlike Home Staging.

Professional Home Stagers creatively determine what a property's target market is looking for in a home.

Whether a property for sale is vacant or occupied, a Professional Home Stager is marketing a buyer's dream.

Now, because Vacant properties tend to feel cold and a lot smaller than they actually are, Home Stagers recommend Staging those properties with Rental Furnishings. Sellers NEED to do this in order to stand out from their competition, and to make buyers feel welcome and comfortable in the property.

Buyers crave a sense of scale, and tend to feel more like trespassers in vacant properties. We want buyers to immediately feel "at home" when they view a property.

Buyers make large purchase decisions based on emotions and visualization, which is why Professionally Constructed Vignettes are so important and effective.   Home Staging Edmonton - Services Performed by Revealing Assets - Home Staging and Decluttering Services

Home Staging in a property creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that envelops and grabs a buyer and does not let them go. Professional Home Staging is an art, and we strive to create fantastic first impressions that drive buyers to make an offer.

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Vickie Slade
Colorado Landmark, Realtors - Boulder, CO
Service You Can Trust ~ Someone You Can Depend On

Rhonda, I couldn't agree with you more...... I worked in merchandising for over 20 years.  Staging a home is very much like "merchandising" it and putting the home in it's best light; highlighting its best features, etc.

Nov 11, 2010 02:01 PM
Rhonda Wilson
Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services - Edmonton, AB

Vickie, this is so accurate!

Staging does highlight a property's best features, incorporates optimal flow throughout, and artfully directs the buyer's eye wherever we want it to land in the property.

Successful Furniture stores KNOW that if they incorporate that lime-green pleather couch into a cohesive and eye-catching and comfortable vignette, that buyers are more likely to buy the whole vignette or set-up. If that same couch is sitting all by its lonesome somewhere else with nothing around it that goes well with it, it will probably sit on the showroom floor a lot longer. Not only that, but I am certain that more consumers will try to get a mark-down in pricing on it if it looks like the "odd guy out".

Very powerful concepts here, and I thought it was a good comparison that maybe more people could relate to....


Nov 11, 2010 02:12 PM
Cindy Bryant
Redesign Etc. Home Staging - Houston, TX
"Houston Home Staging Pros"

I worked for a large company and traveled around to different high end dept. stores, I always loved to see how our products were being merchandised, and loved getting involved with creating the scene to attract consumers.  Staging is exactly the same!

Nov 11, 2010 03:10 PM
Janice Ankrett
Burlington, ON
Staging Professional

Rhonda, what a great way to describe what Staging is all about! Sellers need to see their house as a product and make it attractive to help buyers want to sit and try it out.

Nov 12, 2010 02:51 AM
Kathy Burke
Sensational Home Staging~~Danville, CA - Danville, CA
S.F. East Bay Home Staging

I've heard it described as just that.....home merchandising which is a GREAT way to describe the changes that are being made in the home!

Nov 12, 2010 06:10 AM