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My Husband has been working on perfecting this system for the last several years, I am soooooooooooooooooo Proud of him and his efforts. It was a god send teaming up with Chip again!

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educate2earn - ePropertysites - Activerain  together for the first time!

This story starts back in July 2010 when Chip Kron educate2earn School Founder came to me and asked if I would like to partner with him on his vision.  Chip and I go way back so the trust factor between us has never waivered, and has never been questioned.  Chip owned one of the largest mortgage companies in the country funding in excess of a BILLION dollars a month!  That company, Great Southwest Mortgage, I had a branch of so Chip and I got to know each other pretty well. Then the meltdown hits.... Fast Forward... Fast Forward... Fast Forward... Fast Forward... Fast Forward...

logoIn December of 2009 I partnered with Amerifirst due to the educate2earn platform that Chip built and designed for top producing Loan Officers.  This platform is an educational platform that trains top producing Loan Officers to be CE Instructors for Real Estate Agents in 5 states.  When I came to Amerifirst I wrote a class that would teach Real Estate Agents how to market on the Internet using themselves and their listings.  Chip got this class approved in about 30 days and 15 days after that I taught my first class.

That brings me to The Value of Being Seen which is the class I wrote around my Internet marketing system, very successful in reaching out to agents and teaching them the techniques.  Chip then approached me about taking this class and training an elite group of Loan Officers, that I now call Team Growth.  It took me a while to want to let my secret out to other Loan Officers, but my faith and trust in Chip was too strong so I didn't question for long.

We partnered up with his school educate2earn and my class The Value of Being Seenand havLogoe now met with the Real Estate markets best Marketing companies.  Our first visit was to ePropertysites to visit the owners Chris and Greg in late September.  This meeting was very special to me because I have talked with Chris hundreds of times on the phone but have never met.  They agreed that our program was the best they have ever seen and agreed to come out to an event that we were in the process of putting together.

We then flew to Seattle to meet the infamous Steven Graham and Doug Ching!  That meeting was unbelievable Doug and Steven were blown away by what we have going on with the school and the Real Estate agent course.  Steven and Doug also agreed to come out to Arizona and be a part of our event!

Fast Forward to November 9th! First Event of its kind with 170 in attendance!!!

Ricky Khamis in front of the screen for The Value of Being Seen

Event Picture













Room - Chip up on stage giving instructions and getting ready to ROCK THE HOUSE.  He was the 1st speaker, introducing the guests and showing off what we did for Lou Rugolo's make over.


Filled the room!!


Doug and Steven WOWING the crowd with their immense amount of knowledge on Blogging



Next Event Same Day for a Special Group of Keller Williams total of 70 in attendance.

Keller Williams

Day 2, 3rd event at Broadway Theater.  This was the actual course that Chip Kron got Activerain and ePropertysites approved as guest speakers for my class.  Total of 150 in attendance, Chris - Doug and Steven Rocked the house again!


e2e event

All in all there were over 300 Real Estate Agents that got trained by myself, Doug, Steven and Chris.  This was a real treat for these folks and a pleasure to train them all.

For more information on how Activerain, ePropertysites or educate2earn can change your business please call 480-559-9609 for a private one on one meeting.  If you are a business owner or broker and would like us to come to your office please call for details.

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