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IU Basketball: Why The Zeller Family Would Be Perfect Real Estate Clients

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If you follow Indiana, Big 10, or college basketball at all then you are aware of the hype surrounding the decision of 17 year old Washington (IN) high school basketball star as to where to attend college, which also means where to bring his Top 20 bball skills. Cody has been a much favored pick of most any college program. Eventually he narrowed his decision to three great universities: Indiana, Butler, and North Carolina.

Yesterday, after his father thanked each of the schools and their coaches for their time as well as pointing out the respective strengths of the basketball  programs and the academics, Cody stepped to the microphone and announced his decision:

It's Indiana!

Those of you who follow my blogs know that my partner and I are huge fans of college basketball. We are also huge fans of real estate. So we naturally reflect upon similarities and how can we translate our love of the one to success in the other.

By all accounts the Zeller family spent much time and thought in entering into a relationship with IU. Cody has been recruited for years by top coaches who follow his AAU and HS career. Yet there are no reports that the Zeller family has ever asked for or received any special consideration. Instead, they have all worked hard to put themselves in a great position in which Cody could have whatever college education he wanted.

They did their research and their homework. They visited schools. They researched the business schools at the Universities and talked with the professors. They spent time on campus for a taste of college life with the local flavor. They interviewed the coaches as much as the coaches interviewed Cody.

And they went back for a second and third visit.

They sought advice. They talked to current and prior players for the teams. Cody sought the advice of his two older brothers, Luke and Tyler, who had previously gone through the process.

And in the end, he made an intelligent, thoughtful, well-researched decision based upon what was right for him and his family.

Now wouldn't you LOVE to have clients like that?