The Fabulous Rio Grande Gorge in Taos County, New Mexico

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The Rio Grande Gorge is one of Taos County's most important attractions.

Climbers at the Rio Grande Gorge


The Rio Grande Gorge in Taos County, New Mexico starts north of Questa and runs all the way past Pilar to the south. It is the deepest, at 800 feet, just south of the Gorge Bridge. World-class white water rafting and kayaking in up to Class V rapids top the list of recreational opportunities but fly-fishing, rock climbing, hiking and camping attract thousands of enthusiasts year round every year.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge a Taos Attraction


Especially popular are the Wild Rivers Recreation Area on the north end of the Rio Grande Gorge and the Orilla Verde Recreation Area on the south. These are both maintained by the BLM and each offers put in sites for boaters and well maintained campgrounds. The La Junta Point at Wild Rivers offers an inspiring view of the confluence of the Rio Grande and Red rivers.

 Rafting the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is the fifth highest suspension bridge in the United States soaring 650 feet over the river. It was built in 1965 and is a cantilever truss-type that spans the Gorge for 1,280 feet. Always a popular tourist attraction, the Gorge Bridge has several viewing platforms that extend from the sides of the bridge to provide spectacular views and photo opportunities for the fearless. Featured in Natural Born Killers, Twins and several other movies, the Gorge Bridge is also the site of suicides every year.


Artwork from some of the first residents of the Rio Grande Gorge area

For the more laid back local or visitor the Rio Grande Gorge features several hot springs. Another less strenuous pastime is wildlife viewing. Eagles abound here. nesting in the high canyon walls. The exotic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep were reintroduced here several years and they thrive on the craggy walls of the Gorge. Protected by the Endangered Species Act these graceful creatures have found a challenging environment for their new home in the Rio Grande Gorge. And as the petroglyphs on the rock walls attest, their ancestors knew this area very well.

Rio Grande River in Taos County


The Taos area abounds with attractions and The Rio Grande Gorge area is one the most spectacular.


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