Reforestation in Riverwoods

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Riverwoods has received the title of Tree City USA and the people of Riverwoods want to keep it that way.

This past Wednesday evening I attended a meeting at the Riverwoods Village Hall (a log cabin in the woods) where the new Riverwoods reforestation program was presented.  The Village of Riverwoods will give matching funds for removal of invasive plants like buckthorn and garlic mustard as well as matching funds for young trees and seedlings to be planted when the invasives are removed.

To arborists and plant experts spoke about the type of trees that are native to our area.  The Village Forester, Chuck Stewart also explained the program and will be on call one morning every other week to answer any tree related questions from Riverwoods residents and will also walk a resident's property for a cost of $50 with the Village paying the additional $50 fee.

I truly believe that no other community in the country is this proactive in maintaining the unique character of the woodlands. 

To see more about Riverwoods check out the video on our website,,  which will give you  a tour of the community.


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