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When you hire a builder you are not hiring him or her for their body.  Although that would be very flattering if you were, the reality is that builders are sought out for their mind.

You are not paying your builder to make phone calls, you are not paying him to unlock your house so workers can work, you are not paying him to order materials and you sure aren't paying him to hammer boards together. 

Any handy man or executive assistant could do all those tasks.

Now please don't get me wrong, those are all tasks related to a builder's primary responsibilities in supervising your project. 

However, when you hire a professional builder/contractor it is not his body you want, it is his mind.  Or more specifically, it is his experience and knowledge you are seeking.

Ok, maybe your builder is cute but please people let us stay on topic here.

 You're Doctor

When you go to the doctor to have your child checked out, you are not paying the doctor to put on a band aid, feel your child's forehead or take your child's temperature.  These are all tasks you could have done at home.

Your doctor does not fill the prescription, he does not tell you which pharmacy you must go to, he does not call you to remind you when to give your child his medicine and he is not paying for your prescriptions.

You are paying the doctor to use his knowledge, experience and observations to help care for your child.

You're Attorney

When you sit down with your attorney, you are not paying him to chat about golf courses, to tell you that you are right and the other guy is wrong and you certainly are not paying him to read law books to you.

When you sit down with an attorney, you ARE paying him to take your needs and his experience to navigate you through the legal process so you can obtain your desired outcome.

He serves you best when he provides honest feedback and a clear road map to what is involved in helping you move forward. 

His commitment in time and resources requires payment even if you choose to proceed down a different path.

Eating Out

Dining at a fine steak house with elaborate menus and luxurious surroundings will be more expensive than grabbing a burger at a drive through. 

Fine chef's take an assortment of ingredients and combine them together to create unique meals and experiences.   Fast food restaurants throw frozen meat on a grill, wrap it in paper and toss it in a bag.

Even though the basic ingredients may come from the same suppliers and the restaurants are in the same shopping center, the experiences are very different. 

The better dining experiences will cost more and take longer than the cheap fast meals from a drive through. 

You're Builder

Builders are professionals as well. 

Like other professions, you are seeking their knowledge, experience and time to accomplish your goals.  Your compensation allows the builder to make a commitment in his time and resources to assist your family in the design and build process.

Just as a doctor's office could never stay in business if patients were being seen without incurring any charges.  A builder must generate revenue to pay for his bills and support his family.

A lawyer would go broke if he handed out copies of contracts to his clients without billing them.  A builder must charge for his time when helping a family design their new home or remodeling their existing home.

Experience Is Worth It

Very few families will ever build more than one home in their lives.  Even fewer families will experience the process of making hundreds of decisions involved in building a custom home.

Your professional builder has built many dozens of home in their career.  Seasoned professionals often build over a hundred homes in their careers.  This experience gives your builder a vast knowledge base that a family can draw upon when working with this builder on a project.

What little you pay for this experience can often save you much more by avoiding mistakes and missteps that come from now knowing what you don't know.

Thank You

When hiring a builder, don't do it for their body, do it for their mind.

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Endre Barath, Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties - Beverly Hills, CA
Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002

Mike, I did not know that there was a problem in Texas about people sellecting builders based on looks, I was under the impression that was just a problem in Los Angeles hiring Realtors based on Hollywood Looks:)) Cute post.

Nov 12, 2010 05:52 PM
Mike Garabedian
Garabedian Properties - Southlake, TX

Thanks Endre.  Wanted to have fun with the subject.  Felt a bit nervous about using my picture in the post but I don't thing anyone down here will recognize me ;-).  Have a great week.

Nov 13, 2010 01:18 PM