As a New Agent, I Gave a Lot of Money Away... Bad Tammy, Bad Tammy!

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I sold real estate for a few years when I first quit my full time managerial job thinking I would have more time for me, my new baby and life in general....  LOL! (Yup, admit it, some of you are actually 'laughing out loud' - I can hear you!) and I quickly realized this was not the case! Now, I was at the beck and call of everyone that wanted to see a house, place an offer or list a home. new real estate agent

I know what you seasoned agents are saying, I started out all wrong. Looking back, I can see I didn't set boundaries or limits to my time. BUT I also was in the thick of it in 2004 when the getting was good and escalation clauses were thrown around like popcorn. If you didn't jump on the ball, another hungry agent was there to do the job for you.

There was no rest when I was home because my cell had to be practically glued to my hand should a prospective client need me at that moment.

What I realized was, no transaction was the same. Of course I have not handled hundreds as some but it seems like every one had some major issue, difficulty or exhaustive client. I ended up giving a buyer $1000 because the seller was an unreasonable customer. I got cussed out over the phone for another agent's mistakes and misunderstandings. I wore holes in my jeans scrubbing a seller's toilets, cigarette covered floors and nasty garbage disposals all in the name of "a listing".  It seems almost every deal ended with me in tears at home wondering why I did this to begin with.

I actually said, "I am not nasty enough to be in real estate". WHAT!? (Did she just say that?) HA... Yes, I said it. In the few transactions I dealt with I only came across one agent that was kind and considerate. I AM NOT SAYING ALL ARE THIS WAY - But I didn't have the tough skin for this job.

It's true that the agent needs to work for their client to get the best offer, transaction, deal, terms, whatever but why is it that I seemed to get the most difficult clients with the most infuriating agents?

I realized that although I am an outgoing and friendly person, I do much better behind the scenes pushing others forward. I found writing for agents, brokers and companies let me be myself without having to deal with the tug and pull of negotiations and closings.

Yes, I know most of you are dedicated to your work and strive to achieve a level of customer service unmatched in your area. I just happened to get the 2% out there in clients and agents that turned me off the profession. I love what I do now though, and strive to meet my clients satisfactions 110% of the time.

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Kathy Schowe
California Lifestyle Realty - La Quinta, CA
La Quinta, California 760-333-8886
Not that I can afford to be choosy- but I seem to be attracting the perfect clients now- what a difference it makes to work with people you like!
Apr 05, 2011 03:36 AM #66

You are so right. I had the same experience and want to leave.. I did take a break for a while and missed real estate so here I am back again.. This time i'm smarter and wiser then I was before. I do have boundaries just like the seller and buyers.  I will make sure they have my attention 100% but when I need my personal time, they have to be respectful as well. Yes you do have to have a thick skin. I didn't when I first came in a had a lot of hurt feelings. Now I know better and will do better. Thanks for the honesty.

Apr 05, 2011 03:47 AM #67
Kimo Jarrett
WikiWiki Realty - Huntington Beach, CA
Pro Lifestyle Solutions

Regardless of profession, without a plan to perform usually ends in disaster. Essential to success is the art of time management and selecting clients. You're happy and enjoy your work, so changing your career obviously was the right move, wasn't it?

Apr 05, 2011 03:52 AM #68
Kimberly Brandon
Smart Moves Real Estate - Venice, FL

I think you gave up too soon.  It is clear that no one told you it is ok to say No.....That a listing is a team effort with the seller - it's their job to keep it clean not yours - it is your job to tell them to clean/repair or make a price adjustment for the deficiency.  Giving a Buyer $ because the Seller was mean?  Never done that - had plenty of not so nice sellers - divorces are always fun ones...buyer got the house after all.....

You might want to think about it again and just set really is ok to say no...

Apr 05, 2011 04:08 AM #69
Rachell Jackson
Charles Rutenberg Realty - Naperville, IL
Realtor, Naperville, Oswego, Plainfield

Tammy - It's a beautiful thing that you have found your niche! Becoming an agent was only a vehicle to get you to the place you belonged.  For many of us this is a transitional career and a way to help others.  I

I wish you continued happiness and success.  


Have a great week! 

Apr 05, 2011 04:11 AM #70
Tammy Emineth
Personal SEO - Website SEO and Real Estate Marketing - Marysville, WA
Content Marketer, SEO Teacher, Website Fixer

Kate, It really is freedom at a price, but well worth it when you make the big bucks! :)

Dustin, Yup, it really wasn't for me.. and I am glad there are those that LOVE it! It really shows :)

Tammie, ahh man... RE can chew you up!

Dawn, thanks Dawn! That is the truth

Michelle, I love that saying and really try and utilize it to the best of my ability.


Apr 05, 2011 06:21 AM #71
Tammy Emineth
Personal SEO - Website SEO and Real Estate Marketing - Marysville, WA
Content Marketer, SEO Teacher, Website Fixer

Elizabeth,  I don't know where they come from but many feel it's how they do business and what their clients like, so I guess they use the "go for the jugular" mentality. Sorry, not me :)

Kay, You are so right about the part time thing. You really shouldn't be in real estate part time unless you just gotta eat... ha! But it needs full time attention and constantly marketing yourself to do well.

Elchin, excellent point on being a service person. We really are!

Kathy, Experience and determination really can make all the difference in the world when attracting a particular client. Bravo and getting to the good stuff! :)

Jeannette, Good thing you took a break then. Sounds like you are back, bigger and better than before! Awesome!

Kimo, It really was. I LOVE what I do now and can manage time much better and coordinate things. Although I was probably one of the most organized agents in my office, I still couldn't manage that time thing well.

Kimberly, I really know it was not for me. I was too stressed out! My buyer was going to give up the $450K home if the seller didn't pitch in for a repair. It was a horrible battle over something so minor, so I told him I would give him the money after closing.

Rachell, Thank you so much! It really was a great vehicle for the knowledge I now have. I love it!



Apr 05, 2011 06:31 AM #72
Bruce and Sheila Pulford
Realty One Group - Mesa, AZ
Phoenix Southeast Valley Experts


Thanks for the excellent post. I have been a Realtor for six years and got burnt out doing short sale listing for three years, so I am now working part time and doing transaction management for my Realtor husband. This job isn't easy, like most people tend to think. I have had numerous unreasonable requests from clients, such as when we called to tell a seller that there were cockroaches all over the floor in her rental listing, she asked if we would go to Home Depot, buy pest control supplies and spray the house." NO. "Will you drive to my listing tonight and take the garbage can to the street, then put it back tomorrow." YES, but I didn't want to. The listing was twenty miles away and it was an out-of-state seller. Another out-of-state seller: "Will you buy a lock and put it on my back gate." Yes, but you buy the lock.... After getting hundreds of similar requests, we have drawn the line. We are realtors, not property managers or servants. We spend so much of our effort and money marketing the home that we can't possibly fit in all the requests we receive.

Good luck to you. I appreciate your candor.

Apr 05, 2011 07:35 AM #73
Kerry Jenkins
Prime Properties - Crestline, CA

I have been lucky so far with raising my 8 month old son and real estate. I've been a little bit slower than I was, but if someone wants to see homes during the week I let them know I will have to have my son with me if I can't find a sitter and I haven't had anyone say not to bring him along. He's been to many property showings, home inspections, final walkthroughs and signing contracts since he was a month old. I hope that it continues to be lucky that I can work and raise him!

Apr 05, 2011 09:16 AM #74
Christine DeLay
Bransom Real Estate, Azle, Tarrant County, TX - Azle, TX

Tammy, I had to laugh when I read your post and yes I remember doing the same thing for clients - cleaning a listing because the client had meanwhile moved to another state, mowing clients lawns when they had moved already etc. and it was even my slogan for a while. I told my clients "if necessary I bring you the orange juice in the morning and the slippers in the evening" (naturally I made sure they did not take that literally) but over the years I realized it just opens doors to be used.  I still deliver excellent customer service to my customers and go far and beyond their expectations but I learned to draw the line. Works much better!

Apr 05, 2011 10:52 AM #75
Steven Pahl
Keller Williams Tampa Properties - Tampa, FL
Real Estate Consultant Tampa, FL 813-319-6423

Big difference between offering excellent service and being the service. I have a list of "service providers" that I give to sellers, and suggest they look into others or even "Angies List".  I may help with a few things, but I don't do toilets!

Apr 05, 2011 12:28 PM #76
Kasey & John Boles
Jon Gosche Real Estate, LLC - - Boise, ID
Boise & Meridian, ID Ada/Canyon/Gem/Boise Counties

I'm with Amy, post #74.  While this is a really difficult job to have with an infant, in some ways it's also a perfect job to have with an infant.  I have been in real estate for 7 years and in December had my first child.  I barely took any time off and am back full force (okay, not quite as full force) and hav brought her showing, closings, inspections, everywhere.  I love that I can have a "full time" job and I can still "be at home" with my daughter.  Full disclosure, my husband and parents are also in real estate so I have a built in family "team" but it's been pretty good so far.

As for the other stuff, yes, thick skin is a must.  I was a softy when I started and Real Estate has thickened my skin for sure.

Apr 05, 2011 02:10 PM #77
Tammy Emineth
Personal SEO - Website SEO and Real Estate Marketing - Marysville, WA
Content Marketer, SEO Teacher, Website Fixer

Bruce and Sheila, excellent points. And some I definetly should have made right off the bat. But when you are a new agent with your first listing you really want to keep it.. (no matter that it was a $100K listing that was 700 SF! )They need someone like you telling them like it really should be.

Amy, wow! You are brave! I couldn't do that. I really admire you for doing it nonetheless. And if your clients don't mind, that's great! Go girl!

Christine, WOW! So true! You were like me at first.... so willing to do just about anything! So glad you made boundaries and yet still had full customer service. Such a fine line.

Steven, excellent advice! Giving them options instead of just saying NO is a great way to go.

Kasey, that's great! I know if I was a client, I wouldn't mind as long as the child didn't interfer with the business... and typically a newborn never would. If the kid is screaming, you can't sit still or write an offer then that's a prob... but of course, thats a problem regardless of business.. LOL!!! :) Good for you!




Apr 05, 2011 02:23 PM #78
Shanta Jackson

Tammy, thanks so much for this post.  Man, you and I are just alike.  My first two years were brutal.  I did so much just to save a deal.  I stayed in real estate and really love it.  But, you are right...setting boundaries was key for me to keep my sanity.

Much continued success!!

Apr 05, 2011 02:44 PM #79
Tammy Emineth
Personal SEO - Website SEO and Real Estate Marketing - Marysville, WA
Content Marketer, SEO Teacher, Website Fixer

Shanta, Maybe I should have stuck it out for another couple years? 5? NAH... I knew I didn't really have the heart to do it! I love where I am now :) thanks for sharing... love being so honest!


Apr 05, 2011 03:13 PM #80
Wayne B. Pruner
Oregon First - Tigard, OR
Tigard Oregon Homes for Sale, Realtor, GRI

You do need a tough skin to be in this business. You seem to have a knack for writing, so you made the right choice.

Apr 05, 2011 05:28 PM #81
Robert Courtney
Lihue, HI
Century 21 All Islands, RA, CDPE, MCRE, CIAS

Knowing you are happy in what you do will get you out of bed as long as you have the zest.  Congratulations on staying with us.

Apr 05, 2011 05:44 PM #82
Laura J. Lycans
Sandhills Choice Realty, LLC - Southern Pines, NC
Your Dream + My Passion = Success!!

Being happy is the important thing and now that you are Life Is Good I suspect!

Apr 05, 2011 11:42 PM #83
Gene Riemenschneider
Home Point Real Estate - Brentwood, CA
Turning Houses into Homes

Real Estate is a tough business.  There are all sorts of agents just like there are all sorts of people; some are great and then there are the others.

Apr 06, 2011 05:40 AM #84
Matt Robinson
Professional Investors Guild - Pensacola, FL

There are a couple realtors in our office who try and do real estate while they are the primary caregiver of their children, and they also struggle.  I have 4 kids, but I have a wonderful wife at home taking care of them, and taking the stress off me so I can focus on my job.  Without her, I wouldn't be the success that I am, and I make sure she knows it. 

Oct 25, 2011 04:49 AM #85
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