The Plantation Fort Myers Bank Owned

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The Plantation Fort Myers Bank Owned

Plantation Fort Myers Bank Owned

Thank you for tuning into yet another episode of "How do I get the best deal on Fort Myers, FL Real Estate?"  The star of the show today is The Plantation community, specifically the Plantation Fort Myers bank owned homes.  

It's no secret, people looking to buy in this market are looking for 1 primary characteristic in their future home or condo.  They want a phenomenal deal.  I can certainly understand this mentality, especially with what the media portrays as the current status of the market.  

The hard part for people to grasp is the fact that almost EVERYTHING in this market is a phenomenal deal.  Look at it like you would a sale at your favorite retail store.  Let's look at it from this hypothetical situation.  "Hey everyone! There's a 50% off sale the entire year at Macy's!"  Would you go to Macy's to buy something...probably.

The Plantation Fort Myers bank owned homes are no different than that sale at Macy's.  Well, no different except for 1 major point...the inventory is very scarce.  Bank owned foreclosures do not come along very often in Plantation Fort Myers.  The developer Centex, couldn't have possibly started the project at a worse time, but the fact remains that very few foreclosures come on the market, because the community is so new.  

When they do come on the market, you can be sure there will be competition for that property, because everyone knows that foreclosures are the best deals on the market.  Just in fair warning, be prepared to come in at or around the listing price, because if it is a truly nice foreclosure, they tend to sell at or above it.  

Also, keep in mind that being there first is a huge advantage when it comes to bidding on a foreclosure.  I get notified instantly when a new foreclosure come on the market in the Plantation.  If you would like to be notified as well, let me know and I'll be happy to set it up for you.  Also, for your benefit, here is the market report for Plantation Fort Myers.  


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