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I was at the Fairfax County, Virginia website  and saw that there was some information about something called Virtual Fairfax.  Always on the lookout for tools that I can use in my business, I went ahead and downloaded the application.


It is very cool! It is a great way to see an ariel view of property that your client might be considering.  I have lived in my neighborhood for almost 10 years and always wondered how the properties on the street behind my neighbor's homes lined up. The detail was good enough that I could easily determine which family's homes adjoined which properties.


This application has been customized for Fairfax County and includes (according to the website):


  • Interactively explore the county in three-dimensions and six-degrees of motion
  • See hundreds of very realistic 3-D buildings in several commercial corridors
  • Take dynamic tours of the county (historic sites or commercial areas)
  • View terrain and the latest aerial imagery
  • Search for addresses, schools, parks, and county places
  • Easily link to other Fairfax County data like detailed neighborhood reports in My Neighborhood, Tax Administration assessment information from the real estate tax assessment information site, and land development information in LDSNet
  • Add your own building models (KML format) to the Fairfax County landscape
  • Turn map layers on and off such as parcel boundaries, streets, and historic sites
  • Draw shapes and add text to the map
  • Export map scenes and create web links to places in the map


I know the internet is jammed full of tools like this one, but I like the way this one looks...and they have added some cool customization (tax records & the ability to export) that I think will be useful.


If you get some time, download the application and click around. I think you will like what you see!




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