Past clients and the clients I cant wait to meet.

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November is nearing an end and I found myself reflecting on some of this year's clients, both current and previous. I am most rewarded by meeting new people, hearing the stories, seeing the plans and dreams and watching it all come together. Here are a couple of examples.

A single mom with 2 adopted children buying a beautiful new home as well as keeping her old home as a rental property. She is strong and determined and I look forward to knowing her for many years to come as well as watching her dream come true.

Another client building her dream home even after several very difficult events in her life. She is one, who I learn from every time I talk to her. I look forward to being a source of Mortgage and Real Estate services though this process and a friend when its all over.

The client who holds the most emotion award was the child of a long time client/friend. When he returned home from Afganistan to purchase his first home. I do believe I cried more than once with this mom. He was able to use his VA Benefits as well as take advantage of the tax credit.     

Also this year I have had a couple of divorce situations. although I have always thought this as a bad thing when I watched the recovery and growth, happiness and relief of both parties of both marriage's I feel fortunate to have seen a happy ending.

I've known of 4 new babies come into this world from my clients or children of my clients this year. Two new puppies.

I helped my youngest client this year and couldn't help but feel proud of this 21 year old. Moved 3 states away from family landed a great job and purchased his first home. A Well done football paint job also. 

I've made some new friends who will be future clients and I have past clients who have become great friends.  I cant wait to meet those plans and dreams of next year and watch them all come together. For those of you whose stories I used and those I did not. Thank you, Friends.