3 Techniques To Sell Your Grants Pass Real Estate In A Tough Marketplace.

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When hoping to sell your Grants Pass real estate, you will have to be the top house on a potential buyers list, or you won't have a chance against the competition. Make sure everything is perfect, and yes, you will have to imagine you don't live there anymore. Below we list three top things that will sell your home.

1.Curb Appeal.

Let's face it. A
property that doesn't look good from the street won't have a chance to be sold when compared to like properties, in a similar price range, that are nicer to look at. Everybody knows it, but this is a touchy subject. Feelings always get hurt when someone points out the detractors, yet this is needed so that you can be the "best" choice for the potential buyer.

Take a second and drive up to your property, but stop in the driveway and glance around. Everything that catches your eye is probably something that needs to be cleaned up, or moved out of sight. Have a piece of paper handy and record 5 items you see that you wish weren't that way. After doing that every day for 1 week, your house is going to be considerably more presentable.

A few examples of necessary cleanup would be:

  • Peeling paint will need to be scraped and touched up.
  • Loose gutters ought to be tightened and cleaned out.
  • C.Dirty windows should be cleaned.If you have gotten the prospective buyers past the curb appeal, you want them to be astonished at how well kept your house is. The prospective buyer will think you maintain your house well if it is clean. A dirty or messy property is an indication that you don't care, and let necessary maintenance go undone.

    Even if times are tight, if your schedule doesn't
    allow you to keep your property up, you might think about hiring a professional to clean for you. Then you just need to keep things put away. All other things equal, a clean and tidy home sells first.

    3.Priced Appropriately.

    This is one of the most important things, but the hardest points to get across in a down market. Remember you are trying to sell your
    house, and Grants Pass is an extremely competitive market. This will make up for the two points above, meaning if it is priced correctly, a buyer can overlook several deficiencies. That being said, to get top dollar, the above mentioned items have to be done meticulously.

    What you paid for your
    house a year ago or ten years ago has nothing to do with the price that it should sell for. In addition, your neighbor with a residence for sale doesn't dictate what your price should be. Sold homes drive the price, not just the ones for sale.

    Use your Grants Pass
    real estate professional or broker to help point out some of the things they think will make your residence more presentable. Also, take their advice and listen to the price point that will sell your property. Doing this, you will probably be able to move on with your life and find your next Grants Pass home.