How to Find Foreclosure Homes That Meet Your Needs

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While there are multitudes of ways to find foreclosure homes buyers should be careful not to be led down the garden path and into high-priced but run-down homes. It is a good thing that there are volumes of information and knowledge a buyer can acquire to ensure they are not making a mistake when purchasing distressed properties.

The first thing to be familiar with are the stages of foreclosures as buyers can find foreclosure homes to buy in any of these stages.

Pre-Foreclosure Stage

This stage commences after the lender sends a Lis Pendens notice to the home owner who has not paid their monthly mortgage for at least three months. This is also a notice to alert the public that the home is up for sale. During this stage sellers can still update their loan to hold on to their property. Some home owners opt for short sales during this phase. They ask their lender’s permission to sell the home at a price that is lower than their loan balance. Lenders are amenable to this type of sale because this is more economical than foreclosing on a home.

Foreclosed Home Auctions

Once foreclosure is made final, the lender will attempt to put the property on the auction block. They will designate a time and place to hold the auction and accept the highest bid for the property as long as it meets the price they have in mind. This is the quickest way to purchase a home because it is a cash sale. But a lot of foreclosures do not get purchased in this manner.

Real Estate Owned Homes

Properties that do not sell at auctions become the property of the mortgage provider and are called real estate owned. Buyers can make an offer for these homes through a bank-appointed real estate agent. The offer should take into account the location and condition of the property. If you wish to find foreclosure homes in this manner you must likewise research the value of similar properties within the vicinity before you make an offer.

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