Get In The Game

Services for Real Estate Pros with EXIT Realty Corp. USA


I recently returned from what seemed like a month on the road attending trade shows, our Annual EXIT Realty Convention, NAR and other meetings and appointments with customers. It gets to a point where you are more comfortable in a hotel bed than your own, and the suitcase routine overtakes your normal local home life. Some are wired this way and accept it as part of building a rewarding career, and really actually enjoy what they do every day. I am one of these people; traveling has its benefits believe it or not, and are measured in many ways that are sometimes overlooked. Just think of watching the sunrise from your mobile office!


I have a strong feeling of commitment. I am a believer that when you sign up for something, anything, that you do everything you can to fulfill that commitment. In other words, you are either in or out, there is no gray area and your commitment deserves 100% of your effort. Now, there are always circumstances that either inhibit or prohibit complete dedication. For example, health reasons, family, financial or other means can be some factors that can get in the way. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and just because you may not be able to commit physically, you can always commit mentally.


Let’s take a part-time Real Estate agent for example. You can argue that part-time Realtors don’t belong selling Real Estate; to that I say it depends. I have met some part-timers that work harder and are more successful than full-time agents. You can be a part-time Realtor with a full-time mindset, engaging the business and continually moving your career forward with learning, training, service, marketing and transactions. Many times it boils down to good leadership and a support or accountability partner, reinforcing you every step of the way, much like we do our children.


When I signed up with EXIT Realty in 2004, I committed 100% to making it work, there was no plan B, no contingency and no distraction, I was and still am fully on-board. This means that any event, training or anything to do with EXIT, I am in attendance and fully engaged. How can we be good leaders if we do not lead by example and attend everything we have agreed to as part of our commitment to our company? I encourage all of you to evaluate where you are currently and what your level of involvement has been and see if you can improve upon it. Make a commitment today to your leader and to yourself that you are going to completely embrace your career and be your very best, you will be glad you did and your life will be enriched.