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Week # 8.  Only Serious Buyers and Sellers Are in the Market Now

Not everyone holds Open Houses. However, if you are going to hold an Open House, be smart:

*Prepare well -- know your inventory, have a Purchase & Sale Agreement, business cards, flyers, and financing info on the house, etc.  Chose a home in a high traffic area and easy to find.                                                                                                                

*Place many signs in the neighborhood, advertise your Open House on Craigslist, your company's website as well as other online options. That will help drive more traffic. More traffic = more prospects.  

*Consider having an office "Blitz" where you can help each other generate interest and traffic in your area.  

*Bring your laptop and be ready to work online with prospects.  If traffic is light, you can handle your emails and your follow-up.

Most of all, know that the buyers who are out looking now are usually serious. If they weren't, they would be attending parties, holiday concerts and events or staying at home enjoying "figgy pudding!"

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According to NAR, consumers go to 8 Open Houses. Why would they work with you? What can you do to set yourself apart? The key to success is to follow-up with everyone. Have your sign-in sheet (paper or online). Ask for their emails. Let them know you'll be sending them your E-newsletter with homeowner tips and market updates from time to time. You can even have a sample to show them what they will be receiving. It is the give-to-get approach.

If the prospect is a potential seller who needs to sell in order to buy, offer them a CMA. Most often, they will say they are not ready.  No problem...offer to send them a list of sold properties in their neighborhood to help them in the" thinking about it" stage. Then let them know you'd love to provide them with a home evaluation when they are ready. Send them a list of sold comps, with small thumbnail sketches using your laptop at the Open House (if you are not too busy!). They will receive it by the time they get home. That is WOW factor service.

If the prospect is a buyer and the Open House doesn't suit - too big, too small, not a big enough yard, etc. offer to send them emails of properties that fit their criteria as soon as they come on the market. Use your automated MLS buyer search. Do that from your laptop, so they receive info as soon as they return home. That, too, is WOW factor service.

The sellers are also motivated, and the homes often look especially nice decorated for the holidays. Price it to sell now.

What have you done to make your Open Houses more effective?

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Roy Kelley
Realty Group Referrals - Gaithersburg, MD

Good advice for those that are holding open houses. Always place personal safety and safety and security for owners as the first consideration. Thieves also pretend to be home buyer prospects.

 Blooming for you!

Nov 20, 2010 03:40 AM