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  Bass guitar lessons, hone your style!!! Hi, I’m Eric Petersen, with over eleven years of musical experience I can help put your playing over the top. Are you interested in starting bass guitar? Or maybe you can play four notes and aren’t sure where to go from there? Or are you being asked to play over a Bbm7 chord but you don’t know what that means. I can take your bass playing to another level by introducing you to scales, modes, common patterns, and music theory. Bass playing is commonly approached from the wrong direction because players simply don’t think they need to know chords and scales but if you want to keep up and communicate with other musicians basic theory and scale work is essential. Learning to build the chords that the rest of your band is using can help you decide what to play and keep you in the pocket.  

bass guitar lessons




       Guitar Lessons are in home by appointment; half an hour for 25 dollars or a full hour for 40. For the first time student the first thirty minutes is free with no obligation!!! I will sit down with you for your first session while we get to know each other, assess your skill level and decide what you expect to get out of your education; if you decide to continue your lessons then that’s you’re first week free!!! You will have to decide what your goals are and how often you will be able to practice in order to get the most out of your lessons. An average student week is an hour long lesson and a half hour of practice each day.  I will bring a bass guitar and an amplifier for the lessons. You should have a bass guitar and a tuner for practice during the week. A small amplifier is recommended for practice as well as a metronome. 


       I will customize the Bass guitar lessons to your style, skill level, and preferences. So your goals and expectations will guide your lesson plans. Available for study are: musical theory, chord building, scales/modes, rhythm training, and technique. Playing with other musicians will be addressed as well as common patterns for chord progressions and styles.  I will also teach you exercises and stretches to improve your stamina and Bass guitar playing as well correct bad habits that can lead to pain and problems in the future. Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to understand your instrument better I can help you lay down a solid foundation that will benefit your music for life. 

For any type of electric, classic or bass guitar lessons: $25/half hour   $40/full hour

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