Bank Owned Homes in The Plantation, Fort Myers

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Bank owned homes in the plantation, fort myers

Bank Owned Homes in The Plantation, Fort Myers

If you want to land one of the bank owned homes in The Plantation, Fort Myers you will need to be at the top of your game and have a team that works hard to get the job done.  Why is that?  The Plantation has been spared of much of the distress that much of Lee County has experienced.  While the community was developed during the period of time that was cursed due to the over-inflated prices and unrealistic mortgages it has weathered the storm much better than most.  To begin with, the clientele that purchased in The Plantation were a more secure sector of the population with higher than average means.  As a result they tended to have more equity in their property and thus deflation of prices, while deteriorating their value left fewer upside down than elsewhere.  Furthermore, as a result of far fewer defaults prices did not fall as precipitously as in other areas. 

All of these factors come together to make The Plantation a much more stable community.  Take a look to see if there are any Bank Owned homes in The Plantation, Fort Myers at this time.  Chances are that there are not.  That is precisely why I sat that you need a committed team and you need to be at the top of your game.  The Plantation is a much sought after community and when there is an opportunity to purchase in there at a value price people take quick action.  As of the time of this writing the Foreclosure process has been stalled by the large lenders due to slip shot practices in the processing of the paperwork.  This has resulted in a reduced inventory and slower sales.

What it may mean though is an opportunity when this mess is cleaned up.  There are an increasing number of homes sitting in limbo just waiting to clear the scrutiny of increased auditing.  Once this is accomplished the back log will come to the market and create an opportunity for those who have been waiting for the perfect home in the perfect place.  Take this opportunity to see if there are any bank owned homes for sale in The Plantation, Fort Myers at this time.

Finally, I have eluded to the fact that you need a team.  At the Dohack Group we are dedicated to leading our clients to success.  We have systems in place that assure that when something new comes to the market we are the first to know and our clients find out immediately.  Take your first and biggest step toward your goal of purchasing a bank owned home in The Plantation, Fort Myers, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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