Buying a Home in Richland, Michigan

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If you ever happen to drive through Richland, a village in Kalamazoo County in Michigan, you will find that it is an interesting community. Buying a home in Richland, Michigan with its population Buying a Home in Richland, Michiganof less than 600 residents, according to the 200Buying a Home in Richland, Michigan0 census, does not offer as wide a selection of property as in other communities. 

Still, you will find in buying a home in Richland, Michigan that it is located in the middle of what was once the Gull Prairie, a higher land area relatively free of trees and once maintained by natural and man-made fires.

The area historically had a few Pottawatamie villages, and one was located on the west side of nearby Gull Lake. Fish and game were plentiful in this area, and the land was considered to be very fertile for agriculture. Since there were few trees to clear, the prairie was among the first areas of Kalamazoo County to be settled. By the 1830s, the Native Americans had left the area and moved west, and Richland became a thriving frontier village.

The village at one time even contended with the community of Prairie Ronde for the establishment of the county seat, but the centrallBuying a Home in Richland, Michigany-located village of Bronson (now Kalamazoo) was eventually chosen.  Buying a home in Richland, Michigan today offers one a selection of lake front property, mostly on Gull Lake or the surrounding lakes. Buying a Home in Richland, Michigan

The entire area is not Lakefront, but there is quite a bit of lake access in the area.  Also there are a lot of newer constructed homes in the area. 

Marinas populate the region around Richland, and service many sporting and recreational for the region.  As a regional location, Richland lacked a flowing stream that would have provided water power in the frontier days, and thus it never developed significant industry, remaining a sleepy farm community until the Buying a Home in Richland, Michiganlate twentieth century.

In the 1980s and 90s, Richland grew as small employers established locations just outside the village, evolving into a bedroom community for Kalamazoo. The Gull Lake School District developed into a high quality school system, and attracted people who wished to escape the more populated areas of Kalamazoo. 

So when buying a home in Richland, Michigan today one has a selection of newer homes and the advantage of a popular school district, which recently built a new high school in the few years.  When buying a home in Richland, Michigan it is always good advice to work with a Realtor that knows the area

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Buying a Home in Richland, Michigan


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