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Have you recently considered buying a home in the great Northwest?  Bothell, Washington is centrally located right off I-405 and within a few exits from I5.  With industry like Boeing located within a brief drive to the south, Microsoft and the University of Washington with satellite offices all around Bothell the house prices in the past have remained fairly steady and constantly rising.  Recently though short sales have become more and more available throughout the city as job loss and a slow housing market have forced many sellers to walk away from their homes.

With short sales making up many of the Homes for Sale in Bothell WA, the opportunity for affordable homes for sale in many of this cities once higher priced neighborhoods is a opportunity that many are not passing up.  Short sales will take often months longer to close then a normal transaction but often offer a savvy buyer a opportunity to buy bellow market value.

If you are a buyer who want's to learn more about buying a home in Bothell WA then please contact us and we would be honored to help you in your investment.

Our real estate team is also experienced and helps investors buy property at AUCTIONS.

Most of our listings are short sales so if you need information on selling your home or if your in a situation where you need advice or help feel free to give us a call.



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