November Snowstorm Leaves Some Memories in Bellevue, WA

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Monday, November 22nd started colder and by noon the snowflakes were flying here in Bellevue, WA.  The streets were staying merely wet for a few hours and the snow wasn't sticking.  That all changed pretty fast and before the afternoon was spent, the roads were blanketed and the main arterials and freeways were clogged.  Sea-Tac Airport was cancelling incoming flights.  One cargo jet actually overshot the runway, albeit not by much and no injuries.  For many, 6 or more hours spent in the car on their way home that night, when normally it might have taken 45 minutes...well it was pretty scary I'm sure for most. My daughter was among those travelers whose flight was cancelled that evening, a blessing for her.Bellevue Skyline after the Snowstorm Nov. 22nd

As a committed Northwesterner, with a Volkswagen Touareg capable of running all kinds of terrain and snow, I headed out about 11:30 pm that night to witness the storm with camera in hand. 

It was eerily quiet, except for the howling wind.  Almost nobody was out on the roads.  I had Bellevue Way and The Bravern all to myself, and Snowflake Lane, Kemper Freeman's brilliant holiday creation, was undergoing a tempest of snow flying everywhere, but no shoppers! Even McCormick's & Smicks was derserted, everyone had gone home.

Then there is the serene beauty of the next morning, that dawned cold and clear. People here know we have an enormously diverse Bellevue Park System, but among my favorites are Wilburton Hill Park and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  The next morning, that's where I went.  I happened to get some beautiful photos of the snow scenes the next morning.  My favorite photo is the picnic table with the red autumn leaves scattered on top of the snow just as the brisk 30 mile per hours winds of the previous night had scattered them. 

Selling real estate here in the Puget Sound region, and particularly on the Eastside where I live and work, is an enormously rewarding experience, because people here have so much to enjoy, there is so much this area offers. We have great communities like Wilburton, and Glendale, and Kelsey Creek, and the Bellevue Parks here are absolutely spendid, clean, lots of trails, quality ballparks, children's play areas, and lots of open space.  We literally have it all--the mountains, the sound, our abundant lakes, and the greenways.

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