Falcon/Peyton, A Booming Town. Love It? Hate It?

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My wife and I moved to the Falcon/Peyton area in '03. Of course this was when this area was called the "boonies" and "Out there" as in "Why would you move out there in the boonies?" Well, with a new Walmart, three banks and another on the way, three liquor stores(although that's not all that bad), a Lowes (or is it Home Depot) in the works, ect, ect, and some more ect, this little town is no longer the boonies. Nor is it the easy going town it used to be. Try going to the Safeway gas station.  Getting a pump is like a game of double dutch. And don't even talk about dropping off and picking up your kids from school. We moved out here to get away from the hustle and bustle. It seems like the hustle and bustle has found us. I have even seen an "I will work for food" sign or two. Where to now? Calhan?



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