Property Management 6

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As you can see a Property Managers duties are very detailed. THey are:

-To create the rental schedule

-Merchadise the space

-Advertise vacancies through selected media

-Develop a tenant/resident relations policy

-Qualify and investigate a prospective clients credit

-Prepare and execute leases

-Collect the rent

-Review and pay bills

-Obtain and pay insurance premiums and taxes

-Create and supervise maintenenace schedules and repairs

-Maintain proper records and make regular reports to the owner

-Comply with fair Housing laws


If a property manager has employees under him the his duties are to:

-Hire and keep personnel to staff the building(s)

-Instruct and supervise employees

- Develop employee policies, including an injury prevention plan

-Set up payroll system for all employees

-Comply with applicable federal,state, and local laws

-Keep in touch with the current and competitive market conditions


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